Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This is just to say

When Prof. Dr. Shirley Lim (writer of Monsoon History, among others) came to our uni to share on Asian American Literature, she shared this poem by William Carlos Williams with us:

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were so delicious
so sweet
and so cold

When she taught poetry to students (under the Budding Poets Society) in Hong Kong (I may be wrong about this information, it was a long time ago), she instructed them to use that format in the poem and come out with their own version. She actually wanted to do that with us but we ran out of time. 

I took it on myself to give it a go, but there were two problems. First, I was writing it during a boring athletic lecture, and second, I was starving. As in, really, really, REALLY hungry. 

And so I ended up with these two variations:

This is just to say (V1)

I have eaten
the stray cat
that walks around
our five-foot way

And which
you were trying
to keep as a pet.

Forgive me
It was so fluffy
it poo-ed all over the garden
and I was very hungry.

This is just to say (V2)

I have forgotten
the hunger I've had
that gnawed at my soul
and haunted my dreams

And which
I was using
to drive on my ideals.

Forgive me
it was so intense
and so overwhelming
but the desire has disappeared.

I might give it a shot some other time. My blogging spree continues....

Oh yes, she made me very interested in Asian American literature after that. Trying to hunt them up in the library to read. She also did her own variation of this poem, which was hilarious and witty, but I didn't manage to write it down. Sigh.


Tell me my name
Tell my story
Tell me my past
and what you have in store for me

Because my pride blinded me
My fear swayed me
My apathy lied to me
and I rested in ignorance

But now I sense of longing
from deep within
to know who I was, who I am
what I'm called for, who I am to be

I want to know
Your reason for creating me
of placing me here, of my name
my life is no longer a game

Tell me my name
Tell me my story
Give me a reason to live
for Your glory

Something i thought of after watching Rise of the Guardians. I love the deep themes amidst all the fun. Soundtrack was awesome too. No need to mention that the animators are GENIUS.

If i had drawing skills, i would want their job. 

I've actually written a lot of random nonsense while i was busy with assignments and whatnot. Most of them are poetry because when i'm short on time, or lazy, i'd just cram it into some short ....thing. I suppose i have the time to dump them all here now. And work on updating this place properly. 

random mindblowing fact i found on tumblr: the moon chose the guardians right? well....dreamworks logo is ...the moon. ooooooooooooooooooooooh...
i see what you did there. very nice. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Remember, remember, and here is November!

“November is the most disagreeable month in the whole year,” said Margaret, standing at the window one dull afternoon, looking out at the frostbitten garden.

“That's the reason I was born in it,” observed Jo pensively, quite unconscious of the blot on her nose.

"If something very pleasant should happen now, we should think it a delightful month,” said Beth, who took a hopeful view of everything, even November.

November is here....I remember Guy Fawkes (but unfortunately not too familiar with him, i have to google him after this), but more importantly it's the birthmonth of Louisa May Alcott, one of my favourite authors, and Jo March, one of my favourite fictional characters. Jo March is apparently Alcott's description of herself, so that means....she and I are quite alike.

It's kinda eerie that I'm in a way, trodding the same path as Jo now. She wanted to be a celebrated authoress, someone great and famous and rich, and in the end she became a teacher/foster mother. 

I didn't exactly want to be an author, but I certainly wanted to be great and famous, and the works...and here I am, studying education, becoming probably a teacher.

She and I both have a bad temper, and impatience, and carelessness, and blurness as our flaws. We're both a bit tomboy-ish, though she's probably a bit more so than me. We both love to read and write, and we like being alone. We also tend to look very serious at first sight. We're too shy to start a conversation, but once we start we can't stop. And so on and so forth.

Yes, it's a bit unnerving sometimes.

But she's not a bad character, and I do look up to her, since our dreams and strengths and weaknesses are so similar. God willing, my life will be as happy and useful as hers.

Assignment madness is here. I haven't even started studying properly. So I have to leave now.

I realised that a lot of girls...ok, almost every girl in my course...is crazy over kpop. I'm not a hater, but that's an interesting phenomenon, isn't it?

I'm still thinking too much. It's not a very bad thing, but it's annoying. gah!

May your November not be disagreeable. =]

Friday, September 21, 2012

Being kiasu

Uni life has begun, and my kiasu-ness has been coming out of the closet. This is strange, because I’m a laid-back type who wouldn’t be too bothered with results or competitors etc. Ok, so maybe “ laid-back” is an understatement. I’m downright lazy.

But laziness seems to be taking a backseat these days. For example, during orientation they were introducing us to all the elective and minor courses we could take and immediately the desire to take ALL of them (well, almost all) popped up in my head. I don’t know why. Also, we were grouped together in our respective courses during orientation and I was constantly trying to check out the competition. I had to rein my kiasu-ness in and remind myself that these people are going to be my course-mates, not my rivals. I’m supposed to be making friends.

But friends can be rivals, right? 

Shut up, kiasu. 

During classes, if I notice someone being outspoken, my inner hackles will start to rise. I won’t challenge the person (I don’t speak much in class), but I feel…almost like I’m being threatened. I’d tell myself that I need to work harder (on what I don’t know though, it’s only been the 2nd week).

I suppose the most shocking thing my kiasu self has done was borrowed a book (non-fiction) and declared that I will finish it in a day. Of course I ran out of steam after the 6th chapter (but I took notes! ME take NOTES from a book @@). It was about halfway through the book though. This week, I borrowed 3 grammar books and was determined to go through all of them (despite the fact that one of them is thicker than my Bible). Why grammar books? Because I sat through one grammar lecture and felt like a complete idiot. Grammar is my worst subject for now.

Just a side note: whenever I read the grammar books I imagine my English teacher, Mdm. Poga’s voice in my head. I suppose it’s because she’s the only one who taught me grammar properly. Sadly I’ve forgotten a lot. And there’s tons more to learn.

My kiasu-ness is affecting my house-keeping here too. I’ve been neater and more organised than I’ve ever been at home. I must have tidied my things 11 times or more during the past few weeks. Back home I may not even tidy my room once a year.

If this is what happens when I go to a small town uni, I wonder what my kiasu self would do if I go to a super kiasu place like Singapore. Sure JOAC.

Perhaps it’s because I’m taking a course that is finally a subject that I’m strong in. I’ve noticed that when I know I’m good at something, I would push myself to be better; but if it’s a weaker subject, I’d have lower expectations on myself. Come to think of it, I’ve been very competitive in English classes, so I guess it’s no surprise that I’m going all out now.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the kiasu thing is dying down slightly. I’ve stopped cleaning the house every two days (I have NO idea why I was doing that). I don’t feel so much of that kiasu stress breathing down my neck. Hopefully it won’t die down to the point of me becoming lazy again. I do want to do very well this time.

In ALL areas. Even co-curricular activities. And sports. And and…everything! You’re going to be a model student. Graduate with honours and be in the newspapers and “bwing hana to da famry” - 


We’ll see how it goes.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2012 UCSD Sixth College Wesley Chan Commencement Address

Did I say something about blog posts coming more frequently? I must have been high.

It's been three months since my last post and I apologise to my non-existent followers (lalala, i like to kid myself).

Anyway, I have nothing to say (or perhaps too much to say but too little time to put into words), so here's some words of goofy wisdom wrapped in nerdiness from the ultimate Wes Chan from Wongfu Productions. 

I love writing down words spoken in movies or lyrics of songs for some reason. It's a weird hobby of mine (yes it is a hobby; when I have time I'd write down lyrics of songs instead of looking them up). This is called dictations right? I use to love having dictation tests in school. There you go, something new about me! I love doing dictations/dictating (which is it??? I'm not sure...)

This is my biggest project ever, so effort went into this, mind you! I got it off the video, wrote it all out, did some research so I know I got all the college references correct. Yes...I'm a WongFu fan.......

Just a short background: Wes was from the Sixth College of UCSD, and was invite to speak on their 10th anniversary and commencement in June. I've written in some other explanations in italics and bracketed them. Enjoy!

His short intro after the Sixth College provost's introduction
I don't really know what to say, he like, said my whole speech. I didn't know it was going to be that in depth. Good job. I was sitting here and these things (the tassel on the grad cap), they still get in your face after six years.

I took a lot of classes at UCSD, but the one class I didn't take was Public Speaking. Instead I took Private Listening, which wasn't nearly as helpful. But I did also take Intro to Awful Jokes, which I did very well at; so...you get it? You can see how that can be a problem in my current situation. You know how they say imagine everyone in the audience naked?  It's terrible advice, like, I'm imagining 3000 people naked and it's just very distracting. I think it's because you're all too beautiful so I'll stop.

Graduates, faculty, family and friends, I'm very honored to be here today to congratulate Sixth College's class of 2012. To be honest, I don't really know what I'm doing here.  When I got the invitation I was speechless; I literally had no speech, but now I do - bad joke.

I'm sure a lot of you wished Conan was your speaker here today since it was mentioned that Conan was your - well Sixth College was named Conan O' Brian College for a day. Sorry, I'm not Conan. But I was there at that event and I got a chance to talk to him so you get the guy who talked to guy you wish was here - close enough.

Who am I? I'm one of you, a very proud Sixth College Triton (Triton is UCSD'S mascot). Speaking of which, do you guys know how awesome it is to be a Triton? If you just look at the competition, you have Santa Cruz with their very fierce banana slug; you have Irvine - a very threatening and deadly anteater. Merced has a cute little bobcat, and Santa Barbara’s gauchos are playing horsy with the mustangs over at Davis. And then there's LA, Berkeley and Riverside all fighting to be the big bad bear (All these are other California unis and their mascots). We have a Triton - son of Poseidon, God of the Sea...Ariel's dad. Technically, we rule 75% of the world so I think that puts us at the top of the UC food chain. So, be proud Tritons, I sure am. I still carry my UCSD ID card all over, and it's because I'm proud, not because I still get student discounts on movie tickets. When they ask if you're a student, the answer's always yes.

But really, my story and experiences aren't so different from yours. I remember moving into Camp Snoopy - The Lodges (the dorms of Sixth College, which look a bit like cabins hence the nickname), and thinking “This is college?". I remember taking my first CAT (Culture, Art and Technology) class and staying up all night to write my first CAT paper. I remember missing my first Sociology class because Peterson just felt too far, and my bed just felt too good - it made sense. I remember my first Sun God (An annual UCSD festival) - well, parts of it. I remember waiting for the shuttle when I didn't have a fancy website to tell me where it was - I actually had to wait, not check the website.  And most of all I remember being where you are now, with the same feelings of apprehension, anxiousness and pride that you probably have right now.

What I'm getting at is that I'd like to speak to you as a peer more than anything, because I'm really not above you. I'm a few years up, but we're on the same level. I guess technically right now I am above you because of the stage ...puts me above...bad joke.

So what happens from this point forward? What happens when I'm done talking, when the photos have been taken, when the celebratory dinners have been eaten? Well everyone's post-graduate experience is different - some of you will continue on to your jobs and internships, some of you will keep going with school, some of you will travel. Others will waste away their days watching endless cat videos on Youtube and eating nothing but flaming hot Cheetos. Whatever your path is, it'll probably start with one question from your family and friends: what's your plan? Before you tell them anything, I want you to tell yourself: don't worry, don't stress, it's ok.

The truth is many of us are just as lost as we were when we graduated high school. Four years ago you thought you have to have your life planned out when you chose a college and major, and now you're facing that same dilemma. But just because you graduated, doesn't mean you have all the answers. I made a note here to see how many parents would be giving me the evil eye after saying that. Sorry.

Graduates, just because you finished college doesn't mean you finished learning - none of us have. And that's what I want to emphasize. You still have time to make decisions, make mistakes, take chances and continue to grow. Of course it's great to have a plan but unfortunately until Doc Brown invents the flux capacitor and builds a DeLorean time machine (Back to the Future reference), the forecast of the future is not decided, and it's not determined. So what's just as important as having a plan is being able to adapt. A lot of the best things I've experienced are things I never knew or never expected or knew to prepare for.

I like to share an email that I received not too long ago that seems oddly fitting for today:
"Hello Wong Fu! My name is Anthony; I'm from Poland. I'm thirteen and stuff. I've watched many of your shorts and videos over a few years and I just wanted to say that you guys really inspire me. How do you get your parents to let you do what you want to do 'cause my mom would cut my head off if I didn't become a doctor? Please tell me how to be successful and famous. Cool thanks."

Let's start with the parent thing. Graduates, whether it's obvious or not, your parents really do want what's best for you. I know their intentions might get lost in translation sometimes but it's true. The fact that you can experience the last four years, leading up to this very moment is proof of that. So thank them for it because they're awesome. And parents, let your sons and daughters explore a world that may be very different from the one you grew up in. The world is changing and we need to change with it.

In response to Anthony's request about success and fame, I can't say I have those just yet, but I do consider myself very fortunate. It didn't happen overnight though. I had a very unique post-grad experience. In the past few years I've been able to share my work with over a million people online, collaborate with various artists, create an apparel brand, travel the world and even meet the president of the United States at the White House. But it wasn't always like that. Sorry Anthony from Poland, but none of those things were planned.

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with Wong Fu Productions but in case you're not, we're probably most known for our videos on Youtube. The funny thing is when I first started with my friends Philip and Ted in 2004, Youtube didn't even exist. We were running around the campus and uploading videos to a personal website that people had to download to watch. It was very different back then. Our media classes - we learnt more about concept and theory than technical skills. Sometimes it felt like we were actually learning about how a camera made us feel instead of how to use it.  But I loved the major, I really did. To adapt we had to teach ourselves and be resourceful with what we had. We had to make a little look like a lot. It was primitive, unconventional, and it was fun. We didn't know it then, but our resourcefulness was an advantage that would set us apart in the future. We never thought our shorts would attract an audience outside UCSD but they did.

I remember being where you are now and finding myself in unfamiliar territory. The three of us couldn't simply make videos for fun anymore. We entered the real world and had to rely on shooting wedding videos and events at nightclubs to pay the bills. It lasted awhile and to be honest it wasn't the best time for Wong Fu Productions. What I learnt though, and what continues to prove itself today is that with each new obstacle comes a new opportunity to grow. We stumbled across that opportunity when we featured a T-shirt that I designed for a short video we've made. The short went viral, and so did the shirt. From there we established an online store and our own clothing brand. Philip, Ted and I were finally able to focus on creating original content that makes Wong Fu Productions into what it is today.

My experience is just one example of how adapting will allow you to take advantage of unexpected changes. Another example is when Tony Stark found out he was going to die when he found this shrapnel lodged in his chest. Did he give up? No, he adapted. He made the arc reactor and became Iron Man. You should all be Iron Men, and Women.

I think a lot about the moments when things were first set in motion. For you, that moment is now. And I couldn't be more excited. You know that part in the speech where I give you some call to action or homework for the future? I'm not going to do that because homework sucks. But I will encourage you not to just make a living, but to live to make something. As graduates from Sixth College, and UC San Diego, I know each of you will excel in whatever you pursue. It's ok if I can't convince you of that, because I was just as doubtful back then. Just strive for the best, and you won't need to prove your potential to anyone else but yourself.

The last four years were made possible by your family, your professors and supportive friends. It was a shared experience, but today is yours. For many of you, this may be your proudest achievement. I don't believe that. Class of 2012, your proudest moments are the ones you've yet to come across. Good luck, congratulations.

 Video link here:

I'll post something of mine next time......i hope.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

100th! plus one...

Whoa...I had no idea that my last post was my 100th until I checked my list of posts by complete accident. 

Hm....I guess it was rather fitting that on the 100th post I would look back into the past. Or was it fitting? 

Anyway, here's a thank you to those who have followed this blog since the beginning, and those who just started, or randomly popped by, anyone who decided for some reason, to click the link to read more of me. 

Big thanks to those who commented, encouraged and pushed me to keep on writing. I hope you all found something a teeny-weeny bit meaningful here. Otherwise, I apologise for wasting your time. Oh, and thanks for putting up with my grammatical errors and typos. 

I have to say, I did have a blast writing here. It's probably because I don't push myself to write much, so it doesn't feel like a chore or anything. And it's also probably why I've only reached a 100 now...after..give or take..FOUR years. FOUR. my goodness...that's around 18 days for one post. 

Yeah...I did the math. 

Days        :  Posts
14.6  : 1

That's...not a lot, is it now? Well in the blogging world not really I think, from what I know about other bloggers out there. 

I think I got the math wrong....Did I? I SUCK at math.

No....I've checked like three times...I'm pretty sure I'm right.



I know it's not that big a deal (it's not like I found a cure for cancer, or won money, or reached a million posts...), but I kinda feel like this now:

*jazz hands*
(yeah, yeah, I'm a WF fan. And proud of it! WF4L! got this from fyeahtedfu.tumbler.com)

It's been a fun ride. A lot more fun than I had expected.

Here's to a 100 more! 

And hopefully more meaningful ones...in a shorter amount of time...huh. who am i kidding. >.<

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Weekend Afternoons of my Childhood

First of, I'm not even sure whether the title is grammatically correct. Someone let me know if it's ok? Because it sounds kinda off.

Moving on.

It's been about 10 yrs since I moved to Seremban. I never did blog much on this because I only started blogging 6 yrs after the move and most of my life revolved around Seremban by then. In fact, it's difficult sometimes to remember life in PJ before. I'm certainly not a city girl anymore. KL/PJ life kinda freaks me out now.

But one vivid memory that would always stay with me: my back door neighbour.

I have no idea who they are, I don't know their names, I don't know where they came from, I know nothing about them. Except that they had a dog and every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, someone would be playing his electric guitar.

Ever since we moved into that house (I was about four or six), the same thing would happen almost every weekend. It always was old rock-ish (or metal...I'm not too sure abt these genres) riffs. I never knew what songs he was playing because he never sang. I can't even hum the tunes to you now because it was so long ago. But I remember the feeling of those tunes he played; they had a chilled-out feel to them, despite it being on an electric guitar. It was strange to think of an electric guitar being relaxing, but that's how he played it. It was very....cool.

When I first heard him, I tried to peek over to see who it was. I scaled up the wall, stood on a chair, everything. It was a wasted effort. After a while, I gave up and just enjoyed the music. He would always play when the afternoons are blisteringly hot, so if I have no homework I'd go and sit in the backyard, sweating like crazy so I can get a clearer sound. When they're not around (for holidays or something), and I don't hear him play, the weekend goes by feeling incomplete. 

This video reminded me of that feeling. It's been awhile since I've thought of the mystery-guitar-playing-neighbour.

Er...yeah, that didn't have an electric guitar. Fine, this one does, and it does have that feel too. Somewhat. (I'm kinda nervous to put up Nirvana songs on my blog, they are quite a controversial band aren't they? Here's 45 seconds of them.)

(p.s what do you guys think of Nirvana? I've heard some of their songs and seen some of their lyrics...and it's quite...different. hmmm...anyway, back to the story)

So who knows? He could have been playing Radiohead, or Nirvana, or those weird rock/indie/metal bands we don't hear often on radio, especially doing that era of boybands. I think I can credit him as one of my music influences. Because of him, I'm a lot more open to "strange" music like indie bands or even heavy metal, music that wouldn't have been considered by a girl born when Britney Spears was at her prime, and everyone was swearing allegiance to Westlife or Backstreet Boys. Mind you, I have nothing against these singers. It's just that I might have been absorbed by pop music and not fully appreciate other genres if not for  the likes of him, and other artists I stumbled upon as well (I don't think I can say he was the only reason). I can credit him for making me interested in the guitar too, but I have a long way to go before I'm anywhere like him. I have been practicing I'm just too self conscious to do it when people are around.  

I think just before we packed up and left for Seremban, I went out to listen to him one last time. And quietly said my goodbye and thanks to him, for filling my weekends with music that I wouldn't have heard if not for him. 

Ever since then, hot weekend afternoons (like today), remind me of him and his guitar.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


JOAC: Jump Off A Clift. 

The feeling one experiences when faced with extreme embarrassment, despair, frustration, sadness and any other crappy negative situation until one wishes to die, at least temporarily. 

JOAC does NOT mean that one REALLY desires death, but simply that one wishes he/she wasn't alive at that point of time. 

She's so darn annoying, I just want to JOAC when I see her. Or make her JOAC. 
That was such a JOAC interview; I'm going to try to DMITS. 
Augh!!! JOAC JOAC JOAC!!! 

DMITS (Drown Myself In The Shower) 
JOAB (Jump Off A Building) 
SM (Shoot Myself) 
SMHIAHAD (Stick My Head In A Hole And Die) 
WIADANCB (Wander Into A Desert And Never Come Back) 
KMN (Kill Me Now) 
IWD (I Wanna Dai) 
EM (Execute Me) 
PECSMU (Please Earth Come Swallow Me Up) etc. 


IHNL (I Have No Life). Imma go JOAC now. 

"HHMTPF (HaHa Man That's Pretty Funny)" - Dominic "D-Trix" Sandoval 

Writer's Note: Please do not use this rant as an excuse to die. I'm not responsible for your idiocy. No, I do not wish to die either, not yet. Not permanently anyway. So don't send counselors after me. Or send me to rehab. They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said-uh no, no, no. I would like try decaf though. Hey that rhymed. What are we talking about again? 

 I'm fine. Really.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Piglet cannot knot a knot

This reminds me of my "Miscommunication" post. Only a whole lot funnier.
Remember Disney's Winnie the Pooh? This is an excerpt from one of their shows.

Rabbit: Good grief! Tie them (rope) together, Piglet! Can you tie a knot?
Piglet: I cannot.
Rabbit: Oh, so you can knot.
Piglet: No, I cannot knot.
Rabbit: Not knot?
Winnie the Pooh: Who's there?
Rabbit: Pooh!
Winnie the Pooh: Pooh who?
Rabbit: No! Pooh, it's….Piglet, you'll need more than two knots.
Piglet: Not possible.
Owl: Ah! So it is possible to knot those pieces.
Piglet: Not these pieces?
Winnie the Pooh: Yes, knot those pieces.
Piglet: Why not?
Eeyore: Because it's all for naught.

I love a dialogue that plays with words. This made me laugh. Did you get it? Let me know.

I don't remember much of Winnie the Pooh, cuz I didn't get to watch much of it, but it always had a quiet sort of humour.

Hope you enjoyed. I think you can find this scene on youtube...just copy and paste the title in the search bar. =)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Take it slow and Kiss

The new Wongfu short really had me this time. It'd probably rank as one of my favourites from them. This was Phil Wang's idea, and this is his commentary

“Take It Slow” is about two teenagers who may have missed out on this magical moment at their first dance together, because popular music didn’t allow for it, but taking matters into their hands. I hope that despite the DJ not playing any slow songs nowadays (because there are none), that people will still find a way to have this special and sweet moment together, because there are really few things like the innocent romantic emotions that come from slowly swaying with a person you really care about to a good, sweet song.
On a personal level…I miss slow dancing. As we grow up, it’s one of those things that don’t happen much anymore. Now, people just wanna bump and grind. I mean, that’s fine and all… but the good stuff, the deep stuff, is in the slow dance. But maybe, that’s what makes it more special, now that we’re older, because we don’t get to do it as often.

What I really enjoyed was the simplicity. No elaborate, outrageous, dramatic plot; just the beauty of how innocent and young we were back in the day. There's something precious about that, and somehow it gets lost as we grow older.

No, I have no idea what I'm saying. And yes, I've just made myself sound very old, haven't I? eep.

It's also true that no one plays slow songs for dancing much now. I've never gone for a prom - it's not that big a deal here - but most events that have dancing in the end, play fast songs that sometimes are a little dirty too. =/ Like Phil says, it's fine and fun and you would have a good time, but still. No one seems to want to take it slow these days. My f6 farewell dinner did try to play a slow song, but it was just so awkward because they kept changing the song every 20 seconds. There was no proper DJ, just a bunch of...kids crowding around a laptop. I gave up. I didn't have a partner anyway (said that just to relieve my parents' feelings, who read this blog! No I did not have a date on that day, Mom! =S)

But I think there's beauty in a slow dance, a certain kind of tenderness that you won't find unless your partner is someone you really care about. It doesn't have to be a lover, a really good friend is fine too. And there's beauty in a slow love song, that is not about heartbreak (taylor swift's slow songs are depressing after awhile). It's hard to find those these days. I think that's why I've given up on radio. I just don't enjoy what I hear there...what with all the "sex, drugs, booty, booze" songs playing 80-90% of the time. C'mon, is my generation really that cheap? Is that all we want to hear?

That's why I really love the song they chose to use for this short - Kiss by Sam Kang and Tiffany Chung. Granted, it is about kissing (duh), but the lyrics were in no way suggestive or....for a lack of a better word, "wrong". At least I don't find it wrong. Do you?

I must be lucky or this must be my day
It's the warmth of holding you till I'm infused by your scent
I think it's something I can feel for myself`
Could it get any better than this, I'm holding my breath
For a kiss

Unyielding motion that's wrapped in a smile
But you seem so steady as I am burning inside
I feel the warmth as I have fallen too deep
Now I know that you know me though I've been told to believe
It's just a kiss
For a kiss

Close your eyes and we can float away
All alone through this crowded place
Maybe you and I can find some time
Till forever or more
So baby move your lips
Come close I need this kiss
No time to fake I just can't explain

The sweetest touch that I just can't get enough
Could it get any better than this I'm holding my breath

For a kiss

For us here, dancing slow with someone is rather rare i think, because we feel a bit uncomfortable with the physical contact. But if you have a chance, and you have a special someone, why not? Seize the opportunity and give it a go, it's not difficult (at least it doesn't from the video). It's a moment we should all try to find.
There's a lot of other things I could talk about concerning this video, like is it unrealistic? too cheesy? it would never happen in real life? But I think I'm not an expert in that, and this has become a very very long post, so I'd just say that, I think one can hope. Maybe it won't happen exactly like that, but it can happen if we try.

Anyhoo, this is the second post in a row where I talk about something I've done/seen. What do you think? Is it mundane? Maybe I should just stick to my scribblings. =/

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Interesting conversation with my aunt.

Me: Hi Aunty AP, Hannah here
Aunt: Oh, hello Hannah Koh. What can i do for you?
Me: (Heard her say Yeoh not Koh) er, no...I'm Hannah Koh.
Aunt: Oh you're having a cold?

It just so happens that I was having a cold.

Me: (wow my aunt psychic!) Er...what?
Aunt: I'm having a cold too you know, sneezing and coughing a lot...
Me: er.........(lazy to explain myself) yeah, ok.

Somehow this isn't as funny on paper. =/ Anyway, my aunts also tend to mistake me for my mom when I pick up the phone. Apparently we sound alike over the phone. So sometimes they don't wait to clarify who's who and just spew out some information. Occasionally, it's very juicy information...but in Hokkien.

Me: Hello?
Aunt: Ah Cheng? You know or not, this so-and-so *insert hokkien words*
Me: Er.......no, it's Hannah.
Aunt: WHAT?? Eh you don't go around repeating what i just said alright? Where's your mom?
Me: Er, here she is. Don't worry, i had no idea what you said.
Aunt: GOOD. *sigh of relief*
Me: *frowns*

If there's one reason why i wanna improve my hokkien, it's to pretend I'm my mom and pick up those juicy stuff. Seriously. That's my only motivation.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

On updating...and new nonsense

Yeah, i've neglected my blog. It's a good thing that i'm mostly addressing a non-existing audience. The reason why i don't blog as much is because i'm trying to find the best thing to blog about. A blog is usually about yr everyday life but i don't really like to do that because i just feel uncomfortable putting up my daily life for ppl to see. It's ...exposing. I don't have anything to hide, but I like privacy.

When I do have a certain event that i think i can write about, it ends up sounding very crappy. So i shove it aside and by the time i perfect it, the event was probably months ago (Perfection and procrastination....remember my personality thing? That's why I don't get a lot of things done on time)

But are you really interested in my life? Let me know. Oh....i just remembered - the rat disection videos. Gosh. Ok, next time then. Check my older posts if you have no idea what i'm talking about.

Anyway, here is something that i wrote out spontaneously. It's a very short and very rough sketch of what I aiming at. Can you understand what i'm trying to say?

Feedback and add-ons are welcome, plagiarizing is not.

(That was an awful introduction. But if I don't put that up, I never will update my blog. Man my writing/blogging/grammar/stuff is crappy. I'll stop now. Enjoy...or not.=\)

Never Enough

I watched the contents of it disappear, swirling in a cleansing flow down the hole that was a mouth. Placed back on my feet again I felt empty, drained.

A few moments passed. I began to feel dry. The remaining dregs stuck clung to me in a stick mess. It was an uncomfortable sensation. If I could, I would squirm. As usual, I tried to think of other things to distract myself from feeling. From knowing.

Because somehow, I feel as if, I'm not supposed to feel. Or to know.

I do anyway. Fate has made it so. If I could feel more, perhaps my...existence would be of more worth. But again, Fate has other ideas. It's always the same feeling: being filled, drenched with heat or with cold, then being slowly emptied.

Being filled and being emptied.

Pause. Wait. Repeat. And again.

Amidst all this sameness, this routine, I began to feel something else. I began to feel desire. Longing. Because this existence isn't enough for me.

And perhaps with all this endless longing, I began to imagine other things. Someone, something, caressing me, warm fingers tingling me as I'm drawn into a strange embrace.

Imagination? Hallucinating? Or reality? I can't say.

Despite these new sensations......somehow, I feel as if I've lost instead of gained. Because now I long for more than those gentle embraces, I want more than just the pleasant breath against me.

It wasn't enough for me. I rather not feel at all.

I wait a few more moments. Sure enough, I'm once again lifted up with those warm fingers. I float in air for awhile, and then I am filled, filled to the full. Seconds later I'm back on my feet.

I am full, but still empty.

It's not good enough I know. I'll try again some other time (hopefully the "some other time" doesn't mean never).

Friday, January 13, 2012

Coney The Redominator - part 2

Hello, here is the second part =)
If some of you are wondering why this is more nonsensical (and cheesy, *ahem ahem hint hint to a certain someone*) than my other stuff, it's really because it started on a whim, and i've yet to perfect it. Besides, "a little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest of men".
The majority of this part was written by Shaphan, btw.

The sun was high when Coney finally emerged from his cozy little burrow. Carrying only a bindle made from a nearby tree branch and his Avatar printed comforter. He made his way onto the narrow rabbit trail which lead to a vast world of adventure and re-domination of his kin.

It was a bright and lovely morning. With an atmosphere enhanced by chirping of the birds flying round and round, diving in and out of the high trees. Little Coney, enjoying the wonderful view of the rising sun together with the graceful movements of the birds was happily striding along the path when suddenly a bone-chilling screech was heard from atop the trees.

"Gawkk!!" came the strident sound of a falcon aloft the trees. Coney looked up incredulously. Fear crept up his tiny vertebrae. Coney's eyes darted desperately around, looking for some shelter to hide in.

Fortunately, the Gods of Happy Carrot Ground found it an auspicious moment to spare the life of little Coney. The rabbit's eyes caught hold of a hollow in a gargantuan oak tree. Not much, but plenty of room for camouflage. Little Coney dashed towards what was his only hope of survival.

The wings of the falcon fluttered over his head, its shadow formed a dark shade over Coney. He shivered. "What now??" he thought.

THUMP! LUMP! Down came the falcon on to his head like a tennis ball covered in feathers.

“AUGHHHHHHHHH!” screamed Coney.

“ACCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!” screeched the falcon. It sprang up and began advancing menacingly towards Coney.

"Please don't eat me...I taste terrible," whimpered Coney.

"Ah'm ain't a-listening! Ya sure will taste darrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnn gud!"

Despite himself, Coney cocked one of his ears. He had never heard a falcon speak, and more importantly, he had never heard anyone ever speak so terribly.

"You will get stomach-ache," he declared, and fervently hoped so.

Surprisingly, the falcon paused and looked nervous.

"No, shan't shan't get no tummy jigglies. no no.."

"Yes, you will. Your stomach will wobble like jell-o"

The falcon gave a moan and stopped in his tracks. "Dangnabbit my stomachy problems. Cabbages stink my intestines. I hash no...." and here he sniffed audibly. "I hash no proper falcon stomachies. I am no falcon."

"You're not a falcon?" Coney asked hopefully.

The falcon flashed a very falcon-ish glare. "Howsh saysh you my lunch saysh that! I am a FALCON! ACK!"

"But...." he said sadly. "My stomachies aren't meat yum-yum. They dun yum-yum rabbitsh. I am not a falcon....in my stomach"

Coney sat up straight at this perfect sentence.

"That's my mamash stuff to me. I no falon stomachies. I am a....." he paused and squinted. "a....veggie falcy. I no eat rabbitsh. Tries I must, or no falcy frensh I ish. But ish can't!"

The falcon looked like it was going to cry.

Coney, startled at the falcon's conduct, saw an opportunity opening. Could this be what has been destined for me? Coney thought to himself. He wasted no more precious bunny seconds and decided to take advantage of the situation.

"Now now. Don't cry," pleaded Coney, "It’s okay not to be the way you should be."

"Oh yea?" replied the falcon between tears.

"Yea! Like my mummy used to say, thou shalt not judge..." Coney's squeaky voice trailed off as the sweet memories of his late mother came back to him. He had great time with her, up till her demise during their visit to Coney Island. It was a traumatic experience for him.

"Erhm.." Coney cleared his throat, "As I was saying," he continued, "It’s okay to be who you are. After all. We are who we are."

The falcon looked at Coney indifferently.

Coney pressed on hurriedly. "Besides, who says you need to eat rabbits to be a falcon, eh? Maybe you got such a strong stomach, you can only eat......mountain lions! And bears! Big fat juicy bears! I think that's just what you need!"

"Me ishy stomach strongeryish?" questioned the falcon skeptically.

"Yeah! Say, you know what, I think I know where to get you some mountain lion!...why not you tag along?" invited Coney, stunned at his own words. I must have lost my mind, he thought. Oh well, I suppose he can protect me, if he doesn’t eat me first. And he should learn proper grammar.

"Yayness! I foooollow the lunch!"

Oh dear, sighed Coney. I am a fool.

Slowly, he turned his nose west and sniffed.

"I think our journey begins here...."

To be continued.....(if you want it to)