Thursday, July 10, 2014

But I'm not a football fan!

Yes, so my opinion doesn't quite matter. I can still say it anyway.

You really shouldn't expect the German team to "go easy" on Brazil. It's a competition, an international, world-renown competition that every footballer dreams of winning, mind you. So what if they're 5 goals in, there's no reason for them to stop (though of course you feel the pain of the home team and fans). 

If you're there in a competition, representing your country, you had better play to win, and win amazingly, no matter how high (or low) the score is. I think so anyway. Because going easy on your opponent can change everything for the worse.

So all those stupid comments on how "nazi" the Germans were, or that they still have "nazi" blood in their veins - not good, not good at all. Don't do that. 

Apart from that, I think it was funny how annoyed German goalkeeper Neuer was about letting that one Brazilian goal in. It's nice to see other perfectionists out there; I would have been completely furious with myself too. 

It's a crazy thing, but I get why he would want a clean sheet for that match. For any match really, but especially that one.

I seem to have a thing for liking German goalkeepers. I enjoyed watching Oliver Kahn during his previous World Cup exploits too.

And that's all the football commentary you will get from me, I'm afraid. Toodles~