Thursday, May 24, 2012


JOAC: Jump Off A Clift. 

The feeling one experiences when faced with extreme embarrassment, despair, frustration, sadness and any other crappy negative situation until one wishes to die, at least temporarily. 

JOAC does NOT mean that one REALLY desires death, but simply that one wishes he/she wasn't alive at that point of time. 

She's so darn annoying, I just want to JOAC when I see her. Or make her JOAC. 
That was such a JOAC interview; I'm going to try to DMITS. 
Augh!!! JOAC JOAC JOAC!!! 

DMITS (Drown Myself In The Shower) 
JOAB (Jump Off A Building) 
SM (Shoot Myself) 
SMHIAHAD (Stick My Head In A Hole And Die) 
WIADANCB (Wander Into A Desert And Never Come Back) 
KMN (Kill Me Now) 
IWD (I Wanna Dai) 
EM (Execute Me) 
PECSMU (Please Earth Come Swallow Me Up) etc. 


IHNL (I Have No Life). Imma go JOAC now. 

"HHMTPF (HaHa Man That's Pretty Funny)" - Dominic "D-Trix" Sandoval 

Writer's Note: Please do not use this rant as an excuse to die. I'm not responsible for your idiocy. No, I do not wish to die either, not yet. Not permanently anyway. So don't send counselors after me. Or send me to rehab. They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said-uh no, no, no. I would like try decaf though. Hey that rhymed. What are we talking about again? 

 I'm fine. Really.

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