Saturday, June 8, 2013

Literature group assignment: Drama

Ok, so why are there ads on my blogger page now? it's irritating. i don't like it.

Anyway, here's my Introduction to English Literature Group Assignment. Our play of A Midsummer Night's Dream by the wordsmith William Shakespeare.

We didn't do the full play, because each group is supposed to do one scene, and we only had 5 groups. But that's not very important. My group was the fifth group. Below is the link to the first and i think you should be able to find the rest.

This was possibly 3 weeks work so I'm really thankful we managed to pull it together. There was a lot of behind-the-scenes experiences that I've learnt from and would like to share but I don't have the time for it (or I am too lazy to think too much about it now).

But I suppose I'd put something up about it soon. My own little post-mortem.

This sem's finals, BTW, is just hectic. Because as soon as this play was done (which was my final assignment) we had one weekend and then BOOM! Exam time!

No study week. =[ But I'd probably squandered it.

Erm...yea, that's all, for now. 

TWO posts in one day! Hannah, you are not studying are you? mmmhmmm.

Ok, ok..i'm going. 

Give me love

Currently i'm digging Ed Sheeran's work.

I just love how he messes with the genres, and the sound is something new and unique but relatable.

Also I'm very impressed by artists who sound fantastic live. (Like David Choi! and Kina and blablabla) He sounds incredible live. The set is so simple and basic but it still captivates the audience. It's a greater plus if you can get the audience involved, like how he did in this one. Live concerts are a great platform to get people to not be passive about music. When you get them into it with you, I think they'll gain a greater appreciation for your craft.

"Give me love" is such a wonderful song. There's primal feeling to it, especially when it goes to the looping section (where he records his voice to add into layers...that's at 3:45 onwards in the vid). It captures that natural instinct all humans have, that desperation to love and be loved. Which is interesting because when we think about basic human survival, we don't factor love in. We don't need love to stay alive. Yet so often people die without it. Don't we all, once in a while, cry "Love me!"? It's present in so many plays and stories that of love.

Wow, i'm being sappy. =.= this is bizarre.

The album version portrays that desperation more, you can hear the lower bass chants more clearly and him shouting which is chilling. But I'm sharing the live version here because I love the audience part at the end. Audience involvement during concerts always give me goosebumps and this was well done.

Back to studying now. one more week.

i really want to get a loop pedal. he makes it look like it's bucketloads of fun to play with.