Tuesday, January 8, 2013

On forwarded emails

I get a lot of forwarded email, mostly on politics. And they can be rather nasty. This was just something I thought while scrolling through my inbox:
To everyone who forwards emails on politics, I have absolutely no intention to be rude or disrespectful, but i genuinely wonder how all these "hate mail" would benefit the country. Positive change is not based on negative words, I think. I have tried to be fair and read these emails, but it just makes me feel sick and unhappy. I don't feel inspired to do anything apart from being angry at the world. Not to mention that the emails usually contain hateful comments against certain individuals, calling them names or insulting them. I understand the anger at someone misusing power or doing a wrong, but I don't think this the right way to handle the issue. 
Of course, no one is saying turn a blind eye, or believe all the lies. Yes, spread awareness (and please check if they are true to begin with; sometimes I question the authenticity of the information), call for change, and so on. I fully support that. Never turn away from injustice. However, my humble plea is to at least, do it honorably, chivalrously, the way an educated, civilized, mature person would. 
Because I am sure that you all are, and you all have good intentions. 

If you are upset at seeing this, I apologise. It was not meant to be insulting, and I hope you can see that. If you think I am some young naive girl who is apathetic to the state of our country, I will admit that I am certainly the former, but never the latter.

Happy new year, belatedly. I haven't have time to reflect on last year, exams are still on.

One more paper. They really shouldn't put four days in between papers though. I lose all momentum and become a lazy pig.