Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I'm back, peeps, if you're still following. These are a set of poems I sent in for a poetry competition this semester. It's a set of three, but the last one was "canyons grand", which I have already posted up here, so I won't waste your time on it. 


The spilt milk drips 
like murky white blood drops
staining the brown floor
and collecting black dust. 

The broken glass
creates icicles shattered
and silver dust scattered
from fallen wishing stars.

Who did this? Who did this?
I did this, and so did you.
The milk has spilt and stars have fallen -
No reason to cry for the two.

Tanjung Malim, April 2015

Commentary: I wasn't very creative for this competition, due to time constrains. I wrote a rough draft of this many, many years ago, and with a pressure of a deadline, I pulled it out again and edited it. Well, when I say "edit", I mean change everything except the first line, haha. 

A Haiku for Distance

As our two clocks turn
both in the same direction
we still move in two.

I wish for a time
when we only need one clock
and we can stay still.

Tanjung Malim, April 2015

Commentary: I always had a fascination of haikus, and how they can compact so much meaning in such a tight, structured situation. This was scribbled hastily just a few minutes before the deadline. 

In conclusion, deadlines fuel my productions, like any other procrastinator. Oh well. 

Hopefully, I'll be writing more in this short window of free time. Toodles. 

p/s: oh, I won the competition...=] got a 8GB pendrive, which is great, because I was about to buy one. Hurray for free stuff!