Saturday, April 14, 2012

Take it slow and Kiss

The new Wongfu short really had me this time. It'd probably rank as one of my favourites from them. This was Phil Wang's idea, and this is his commentary

“Take It Slow” is about two teenagers who may have missed out on this magical moment at their first dance together, because popular music didn’t allow for it, but taking matters into their hands. I hope that despite the DJ not playing any slow songs nowadays (because there are none), that people will still find a way to have this special and sweet moment together, because there are really few things like the innocent romantic emotions that come from slowly swaying with a person you really care about to a good, sweet song.
On a personal level…I miss slow dancing. As we grow up, it’s one of those things that don’t happen much anymore. Now, people just wanna bump and grind. I mean, that’s fine and all… but the good stuff, the deep stuff, is in the slow dance. But maybe, that’s what makes it more special, now that we’re older, because we don’t get to do it as often.

What I really enjoyed was the simplicity. No elaborate, outrageous, dramatic plot; just the beauty of how innocent and young we were back in the day. There's something precious about that, and somehow it gets lost as we grow older.

No, I have no idea what I'm saying. And yes, I've just made myself sound very old, haven't I? eep.

It's also true that no one plays slow songs for dancing much now. I've never gone for a prom - it's not that big a deal here - but most events that have dancing in the end, play fast songs that sometimes are a little dirty too. =/ Like Phil says, it's fine and fun and you would have a good time, but still. No one seems to want to take it slow these days. My f6 farewell dinner did try to play a slow song, but it was just so awkward because they kept changing the song every 20 seconds. There was no proper DJ, just a bunch crowding around a laptop. I gave up. I didn't have a partner anyway (said that just to relieve my parents' feelings, who read this blog! No I did not have a date on that day, Mom! =S)

But I think there's beauty in a slow dance, a certain kind of tenderness that you won't find unless your partner is someone you really care about. It doesn't have to be a lover, a really good friend is fine too. And there's beauty in a slow love song, that is not about heartbreak (taylor swift's slow songs are depressing after awhile). It's hard to find those these days. I think that's why I've given up on radio. I just don't enjoy what I hear there...what with all the "sex, drugs, booty, booze" songs playing 80-90% of the time. C'mon, is my generation really that cheap? Is that all we want to hear?

That's why I really love the song they chose to use for this short - Kiss by Sam Kang and Tiffany Chung. Granted, it is about kissing (duh), but the lyrics were in no way suggestive or....for a lack of a better word, "wrong". At least I don't find it wrong. Do you?

I must be lucky or this must be my day
It's the warmth of holding you till I'm infused by your scent
I think it's something I can feel for myself`
Could it get any better than this, I'm holding my breath
For a kiss

Unyielding motion that's wrapped in a smile
But you seem so steady as I am burning inside
I feel the warmth as I have fallen too deep
Now I know that you know me though I've been told to believe
It's just a kiss
For a kiss

Close your eyes and we can float away
All alone through this crowded place
Maybe you and I can find some time
Till forever or more
So baby move your lips
Come close I need this kiss
No time to fake I just can't explain

The sweetest touch that I just can't get enough
Could it get any better than this I'm holding my breath

For a kiss

For us here, dancing slow with someone is rather rare i think, because we feel a bit uncomfortable with the physical contact. But if you have a chance, and you have a special someone, why not? Seize the opportunity and give it a go, it's not difficult (at least it doesn't from the video). It's a moment we should all try to find.
There's a lot of other things I could talk about concerning this video, like is it unrealistic? too cheesy? it would never happen in real life? But I think I'm not an expert in that, and this has become a very very long post, so I'd just say that, I think one can hope. Maybe it won't happen exactly like that, but it can happen if we try.

Anyhoo, this is the second post in a row where I talk about something I've done/seen. What do you think? Is it mundane? Maybe I should just stick to my scribblings. =/


  1. I'd much prefer slow dancing too!!!!!!! :DD

  2. fyi, that video was one of my favorites by WongFu too... =] keep up the updates on your blog