Saturday, April 7, 2012


Interesting conversation with my aunt.

Me: Hi Aunty AP, Hannah here
Aunt: Oh, hello Hannah Koh. What can i do for you?
Me: (Heard her say Yeoh not Koh) er, no...I'm Hannah Koh.
Aunt: Oh you're having a cold?

It just so happens that I was having a cold.

Me: (wow my aunt psychic!) Er...what?
Aunt: I'm having a cold too you know, sneezing and coughing a lot...
Me: er.........(lazy to explain myself) yeah, ok.

Somehow this isn't as funny on paper. =/ Anyway, my aunts also tend to mistake me for my mom when I pick up the phone. Apparently we sound alike over the phone. So sometimes they don't wait to clarify who's who and just spew out some information. Occasionally, it's very juicy information...but in Hokkien.

Me: Hello?
Aunt: Ah Cheng? You know or not, this so-and-so *insert hokkien words*
Me:, it's Hannah.
Aunt: WHAT?? Eh you don't go around repeating what i just said alright? Where's your mom?
Me: Er, here she is. Don't worry, i had no idea what you said.
Aunt: GOOD. *sigh of relief*
Me: *frowns*

If there's one reason why i wanna improve my hokkien, it's to pretend I'm my mom and pick up those juicy stuff. Seriously. That's my only motivation.

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  1. hahahahahaha =] I think you could have expanded this into a short story...