Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hairy Resolution

Apologies for the above pun.


New year's resolutions should obviously, be made on New Year's Day itself, or at least during the first week. Naturally, I only start writing about it now as a vague attempt to add more entries to this semi-living blog.

I don't think it's absolutely necessary to have a resolution, and I'm certainly not going to reveal all my resolutions here but I thought there's one I'd like to share, to perhaps spark the same idea to...whoever is reading this.

I'm thinking about donating my hair.

I'm not shaving my head, don't have the guts for it, but I think I will start to leave my hair long so that I can eventually cut it off and donate it. To whom? To organisations that make wigs for cancer patients.This was an idea I had for long while now but I never followed through with it. My hair usually reaches shoulder-length maximum before I get a trim, or cut it short. But lately, I've been getting endless comments on my hair being really thick, and so dark and uh...nice-looking....*blushes*

Seriously, I don't know why people like my hair. It's just hair. It's not even ginger, or has magical properties, or anything.

As I'm getting used to managing my long-ish hair now, I thought I try and see how difficult it would be to manage extremely long hair, and see how I look with it. At the end of this experiment I'd probably loathe the sight of my hair, so might as well cut it off properly and give it to someone else.I have a feeling that it'd be a small but good contribution, because thus far I haven't dyed or permed or straightened my it's more or less natural (my pillow is my stylist 90% of the time).

Writing this post is making me increasingly embarrassed. I don't mean to brag about my hair at all. It's not shampoo commercial quality. But I do seem to have a lot of it. I certainly don't mean to brag about my resolution, or whatever, either.

I thought I post this up because well, if any of you are thinking about donating something other than money, or used clothes, or you're thinking of a fresh way of giving, or you have no resolutions at all this year (which is fine), maybe you can consider trying this out. Hair donation is getting more popular here, thanks to some newspaper articles and so on, but I still don't think it's very heard of. In fact, I'm not entirely sure there's an organisation in Malaysia that does this sort of thing. A quick Google search shows that the closest one is in Singapore. But you can ship/post your hair to these countries. As far as I know most organisations would like a donation of at least 10-12 inches. Some may want natural hair (no dye-jobs or straightening/perming), some are more flexible, such as the Singapore one I've found.

Here's the link:

Guys can donate too, you know. Just saying.

Well hoo. That's about it then. Give it some thought, I think making wigs out of real hair is pretty cool. Oh yea, the patients do not have to pay for the wig. It's a non-profit thing, not a business. I suppose you can try to sell your hair, if you think it's fantastic enough. Like if it can charge up your phone or something then yea, I think you'd better sell it.

All the best to all your other resolutions, if you've made them.

*awkwardly exits this random post*

P/S: There's also Locks of Love in the US. and oh, they don't want hair on the floor and all that. There are requirements so please read up if interested. kthxbai.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Blogger Returns

Short version: Not dead.

"You've been busy, haven't you? Quite the busy little bee.." mhm. hence the lack of updates. sorry.

If you've been following me all this while, I congratulate you.

Hopefully this return will bring about something familiar but with a quality of surprise! I'm certainly endeavouring to, with the new year and all.

Yes I've just been using a ton of Sherlock quotes. Sorry not sorry. 

Hurrah, me is back. Gimme cookie.