Sunday, May 27, 2012

100th! plus one...

Whoa...I had no idea that my last post was my 100th until I checked my list of posts by complete accident. 

Hm....I guess it was rather fitting that on the 100th post I would look back into the past. Or was it fitting? 

Anyway, here's a thank you to those who have followed this blog since the beginning, and those who just started, or randomly popped by, anyone who decided for some reason, to click the link to read more of me. 

Big thanks to those who commented, encouraged and pushed me to keep on writing. I hope you all found something a teeny-weeny bit meaningful here. Otherwise, I apologise for wasting your time. Oh, and thanks for putting up with my grammatical errors and typos. 

I have to say, I did have a blast writing here. It's probably because I don't push myself to write much, so it doesn't feel like a chore or anything. And it's also probably why I've only reached a 100 now...after..give or take..FOUR years. FOUR. my goodness...that's around 18 days for one post. 

Yeah...I did the math. 

Days        :  Posts
14.6  : 1

That's...not a lot, is it now? Well in the blogging world not really I think, from what I know about other bloggers out there. 

I think I got the math wrong....Did I? I SUCK at math.

No....I've checked like three times...I'm pretty sure I'm right.



I know it's not that big a deal (it's not like I found a cure for cancer, or won money, or reached a million posts...), but I kinda feel like this now:

*jazz hands*
(yeah, yeah, I'm a WF fan. And proud of it! WF4L! got this from

It's been a fun ride. A lot more fun than I had expected.

Here's to a 100 more! 

And hopefully more meaningful a shorter amount of time...huh. who am i kidding. >.<

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