Sunday, March 17, 2013

But i'm not a workaholic yet.....really.

You know you're overthought and overdone it when your lecturer goes "well thank you hannah....for making sure everyone else cannot present today"


But in all honesty, i did NOT overthink this presentation. I did it in less than 2 hours, and it was clumsily done, in my opinion. It just so happened to be an assignment that was fun: briefly introduce a style of music you like.

I went and did soundtracks. I'm not entirely sure if it's a genre, but wikipedia seems to think so...along with some other web lists of music genres.

So I went all out nerd on it and talked about the awesomeness of Hans Zimmer and John Williams (who is the man!), how soundtracks were once overlooked but are now slowly having their own limelight, etc etc.

Yeah. ...maybe i did overdo it.

In case your wondering what lecture this is, it's Music Appreciation and I'm enjoying it, despite the fact that I'm the only TESL-ian there. The only frustration would be how slow the lecture is, because the lecturer doesn't want to overwhelm the rest of the students by speaking in English fast. Either way, I've made up my mind to take more music courses. English and Music will always be my two loves.

I wonder whether i can do the flute...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Drowning in work. Having weird bouts of quarter-life crisis. Or at least i think so. I sure hope it isn't madness. Clinical madness that is, I know i'm mad already.

Work helps distract my insane mind. But i shouldn't be morbid makes people (read: parents) worry.

I'm fine. I'm really fine. Really.

p/s: oh....i should have mentioned that the reason why the other students couldn't present after me was not because i was was because i started at abt 15 mins before the end of class and i used up all the time. apparently, it wasn't meant to be a very long presentation. oopsy.