Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Tell me my name
Tell my story
Tell me my past
and what you have in store for me

Because my pride blinded me
My fear swayed me
My apathy lied to me
and I rested in ignorance

But now I sense of longing
from deep within
to know who I was, who I am
what I'm called for, who I am to be

I want to know
Your reason for creating me
of placing me here, of my name
my life is no longer a game

Tell me my name
Tell me my story
Give me a reason to live
for Your glory

Something i thought of after watching Rise of the Guardians. I love the deep themes amidst all the fun. Soundtrack was awesome too. No need to mention that the animators are GENIUS.

If i had drawing skills, i would want their job. 

I've actually written a lot of random nonsense while i was busy with assignments and whatnot. Most of them are poetry because when i'm short on time, or lazy, i'd just cram it into some short ....thing. I suppose i have the time to dump them all here now. And work on updating this place properly. 

random mindblowing fact i found on tumblr: the moon chose the guardians right? well....dreamworks logo is ...the moon. ooooooooooooooooooooooh...
i see what you did there. very nice. 

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