Sunday, June 13, 2010

RIP shoes...this is real random.

My shoes are officially...busted. The strap broke at church today.

As you can see, i keep my shoes for a very very very very very long time...notice the uh, peeling of the soles. But i liked them lots cuz they weren't slippery, which is a very good thing for a clutz like me as i can fall down on an even floor. Also, i have such a difficult time finding shoes that i like, so i tend to keep them longer. I don't just pick the latest fashion and all that. It has to fulfill all sorts of criteria. Ask my family and they'd tell you how many shops it'd take to find me a proper shoe.

I think i kept them for what, three years? Not bad for an RM10.00 pasar malam quality shoe. Rather good bargain actually. Though of course most ppl don't wear their shoes for this long.

I'd miss it..i don't think they sell this style anymore..ha.

Randomness abounds. Sorry. Back to homework.

Oh, and i prefer my old blogskin. Unfortunately, i can't change it back. Some updating on Blogger and such. ah well. this isn't too bad.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

this isn't my fault!!

Frustrating is the word.

Right now, I have three stories and of course, the blog posts you have been waiting for bouncing in my head. Yes, bouncing. For the past three weeks, they have been pestering me. “Write me! Write me!” and all that. And I can’t can’t can’t CAN’T write any of them because………..


I hate you….*snarls*

Ok, no, I don’t. But I just turn the “evil eye” on anything that stops me writing. Which would include Maths, Chemistry and tuition homework.

Or maybe I should turn the “evil eye” at myself. Because I’m the one making myself sit down and do homework right?

But what do you expect me to do, NOT do my homework?

*pauses to contemplate*

Impossible. Ah, sweet discipline. Aren’t you all so PROUD of me? Ugh.

And so the stories continue to bounce. ARGH. And the “evil eye” continues to glare at every annoying thing in sight.

Maybe I should just give up, and my PA teacher would be oh so glad to know that he’s right about me. Oh you don’t know about that? You don’t want to know.

Ah, back to my assignment.

d'NA re-u ..tomorrow! =)…ah no….can’t do homework then…three days gone! Haih…I’m DOOMED.

*evil eye-s the computer screen* *sighs and types*

Keganasan antarabangsa merupakan penggunaan cara zalim Hannah Koh untuk memusnahkan projek Pengajian Am yang perlu dihantarkan selepas cuti sekolah.

My BM sucks. Er…for those who are guessing…my topic for my assignment is terrorism. Yep. Ironic, considering my birthday is well, very terrorist-like. Ha.

Yes, I am going to do my assignment NOW. Fare thee well….


Do you realize, that I can’t READ either?? AUGH. ><

Ok, ok, I’m really going now….

*Slowly steps out of cyberspace (gosh, I’m so melodramatic)*