Sunday, May 27, 2012

100th! plus one...

Whoa...I had no idea that my last post was my 100th until I checked my list of posts by complete accident. 

Hm....I guess it was rather fitting that on the 100th post I would look back into the past. Or was it fitting? 

Anyway, here's a thank you to those who have followed this blog since the beginning, and those who just started, or randomly popped by, anyone who decided for some reason, to click the link to read more of me. 

Big thanks to those who commented, encouraged and pushed me to keep on writing. I hope you all found something a teeny-weeny bit meaningful here. Otherwise, I apologise for wasting your time. Oh, and thanks for putting up with my grammatical errors and typos. 

I have to say, I did have a blast writing here. It's probably because I don't push myself to write much, so it doesn't feel like a chore or anything. And it's also probably why I've only reached a 100 now...after..give or take..FOUR years. FOUR. my goodness...that's around 18 days for one post. 

Yeah...I did the math. 

Days        :  Posts
14.6  : 1

That's...not a lot, is it now? Well in the blogging world not really I think, from what I know about other bloggers out there. 

I think I got the math wrong....Did I? I SUCK at math.

No....I've checked like three times...I'm pretty sure I'm right.



I know it's not that big a deal (it's not like I found a cure for cancer, or won money, or reached a million posts...), but I kinda feel like this now:

*jazz hands*
(yeah, yeah, I'm a WF fan. And proud of it! WF4L! got this from

It's been a fun ride. A lot more fun than I had expected.

Here's to a 100 more! 

And hopefully more meaningful a shorter amount of time...huh. who am i kidding. >.<

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Weekend Afternoons of my Childhood

First of, I'm not even sure whether the title is grammatically correct. Someone let me know if it's ok? Because it sounds kinda off.

Moving on.

It's been about 10 yrs since I moved to Seremban. I never did blog much on this because I only started blogging 6 yrs after the move and most of my life revolved around Seremban by then. In fact, it's difficult sometimes to remember life in PJ before. I'm certainly not a city girl anymore. KL/PJ life kinda freaks me out now.

But one vivid memory that would always stay with me: my back door neighbour.

I have no idea who they are, I don't know their names, I don't know where they came from, I know nothing about them. Except that they had a dog and every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, someone would be playing his electric guitar.

Ever since we moved into that house (I was about four or six), the same thing would happen almost every weekend. It always was old rock-ish (or metal...I'm not too sure abt these genres) riffs. I never knew what songs he was playing because he never sang. I can't even hum the tunes to you now because it was so long ago. But I remember the feeling of those tunes he played; they had a chilled-out feel to them, despite it being on an electric guitar. It was strange to think of an electric guitar being relaxing, but that's how he played it. It was

When I first heard him, I tried to peek over to see who it was. I scaled up the wall, stood on a chair, everything. It was a wasted effort. After a while, I gave up and just enjoyed the music. He would always play when the afternoons are blisteringly hot, so if I have no homework I'd go and sit in the backyard, sweating like crazy so I can get a clearer sound. When they're not around (for holidays or something), and I don't hear him play, the weekend goes by feeling incomplete. 

This video reminded me of that feeling. It's been awhile since I've thought of the mystery-guitar-playing-neighbour.

Er...yeah, that didn't have an electric guitar. Fine, this one does, and it does have that feel too. Somewhat. (I'm kinda nervous to put up Nirvana songs on my blog, they are quite a controversial band aren't they? Here's 45 seconds of them.)

(p.s what do you guys think of Nirvana? I've heard some of their songs and seen some of their lyrics...and it's quite...different. hmmm...anyway, back to the story)

So who knows? He could have been playing Radiohead, or Nirvana, or those weird rock/indie/metal bands we don't hear often on radio, especially doing that era of boybands. I think I can credit him as one of my music influences. Because of him, I'm a lot more open to "strange" music like indie bands or even heavy metal, music that wouldn't have been considered by a girl born when Britney Spears was at her prime, and everyone was swearing allegiance to Westlife or Backstreet Boys. Mind you, I have nothing against these singers. It's just that I might have been absorbed by pop music and not fully appreciate other genres if not for  the likes of him, and other artists I stumbled upon as well (I don't think I can say he was the only reason). I can credit him for making me interested in the guitar too, but I have a long way to go before I'm anywhere like him. I have been practicing I'm just too self conscious to do it when people are around.  

I think just before we packed up and left for Seremban, I went out to listen to him one last time. And quietly said my goodbye and thanks to him, for filling my weekends with music that I wouldn't have heard if not for him. 

Ever since then, hot weekend afternoons (like today), remind me of him and his guitar.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


JOAC: Jump Off A Clift. 

The feeling one experiences when faced with extreme embarrassment, despair, frustration, sadness and any other crappy negative situation until one wishes to die, at least temporarily. 

JOAC does NOT mean that one REALLY desires death, but simply that one wishes he/she wasn't alive at that point of time. 

She's so darn annoying, I just want to JOAC when I see her. Or make her JOAC. 
That was such a JOAC interview; I'm going to try to DMITS. 
Augh!!! JOAC JOAC JOAC!!! 

DMITS (Drown Myself In The Shower) 
JOAB (Jump Off A Building) 
SM (Shoot Myself) 
SMHIAHAD (Stick My Head In A Hole And Die) 
WIADANCB (Wander Into A Desert And Never Come Back) 
KMN (Kill Me Now) 
IWD (I Wanna Dai) 
EM (Execute Me) 
PECSMU (Please Earth Come Swallow Me Up) etc. 


IHNL (I Have No Life). Imma go JOAC now. 

"HHMTPF (HaHa Man That's Pretty Funny)" - Dominic "D-Trix" Sandoval 

Writer's Note: Please do not use this rant as an excuse to die. I'm not responsible for your idiocy. No, I do not wish to die either, not yet. Not permanently anyway. So don't send counselors after me. Or send me to rehab. They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said-uh no, no, no. I would like try decaf though. Hey that rhymed. What are we talking about again? 

 I'm fine. Really.