Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Struggle

A big question on my mind now.........

Should I go NS? I know I already said I would, but something has made me begin to think twice now.

It's my foot infection. And it's bad. Whenever I wet my feet, they itch then swell and pus and all the disgusting stuff you do not need to know. They are hypotonic, or is it hypertonic? I still mix those two up...haiz.

Anyway. >< They don't take too kindly to water, dirty or not. Which would be a problem as in NS I'm sure I'll get wet. I'd definitely get sweaty. And yes my feet don't like sweat either. Wear my shoes and walk around for too long will make them itch. Even bathing makes them itch...argh. So annoying!

Rats. I totally forgot about that. I guess I don't like to think about it. But I should remember cuz it always happens at prefect camp..only it's only for three days. This is three months...that's very different.

What am I to do? Go for it regardless? Don't go? I do have a valid reason. My feet can get awful in a span of three months. But should I try despite it? Is this some sort of challenge by God? Am I being nuts? I probably won't go. It is that bad. I suppose I shouldn't feel guilty, but I do. After all I said abt NS, this is how it turns out?

What do you think? Cuz I'm not so sure now...


  1. Hannah, don't go. =)
    your condition sounds kinda bad...
    and i seriously think that you shouldn't go...
    its gna get really inconvenient for you there...
    it might even turn out worse when you get home due to the torture u put it thru then...=/
    besides...u might even have to delay your college...and end up graduating later.

    but all in all its still your choice jus tryin to prove to you that i read your blog. XD kiddin...

  2. hi hannah =)

    didn't know you had this foot infection. how bad is it, medically speaking? is there any danger of gangrene, septicemia and other lethal developments?

    i think it would be best to get a good doctor's opinion on this. he'd know how bad it is, how to take care of it (and cure it if possible) and whether it's advisable to go to NS with it or not.