Sunday, August 9, 2009

Last Words..

Tomorrow, I retire as Treasurer of SMK Bukit Mewah's Prefectorial Board 08/09.
Anyway, I penned these thoughts down when I got sick of studying sejarah, and I might as well post them now....

I'm retiring. A full year of service as treasurer is (finally) coming to an end. And here I am, at the precipice of the end. In a few hours time, I give up my post to the future generation.
I never expected myself to be part of the prefect committee. I believe that many others didn't as well. I admit that I wished for it, but it never crossed my mind that it would actually happen, least of all me being treasurer. Handling money is the worst thing one could ever put me in charge of.
God has been good. Despite my numerous mistakes and miscalculations, my disorganized personality, my lazy procrastinating attitude, He has led me, pulled me through the whole time, and now I can pass on the account with peace knowing that it is intact. It is only by His grace and mercy and unconditional love that such a miracle could happen, that I could carry my responsibilities so well. And not only these responsibilities, but also others as treasurer to cf and vice-president to chess club.
It has been a long, long year; full of challenges and hardships, disappointments and defeats. But I was never alone, God was with me always, and because of Him I too have tasted success and happiness, joy and satisfaction.
To the future AJKs, present prefects, and the countless generation of other prefects who would not read this: Being a prefect is NOT easy. In this school, it never will be. But it is a task that you should undertake with your head held high, for each and every one of you represents our school. You are the essence, the core of what our school is. Sentimental me, I guess. But it's true. Many of us complain and ometimes slack. I do that myself sometimes; but I never, NEVER regretted signing up to be a prefect. Never. And you shouldn't either. Do not let people (i.e. teachers and a certain *ahem*) or situations (i.e. fights, politics, favourtism,etc.) bog you down. You are NOT serving THEM. You are serving our school-SMK BUKIT MEWAH. It is an honour, one that you should never despise or take for granted.
To the Christian prefects, I urge you to let your light shine as you carry out the duties God has given you. You are NOT a prefect by accident. It wasn't because a teacher recommended you, or because the school chose you, or because you volunteered. God place you at such a time and place for a PURPOSE. Hehas something for you in mind. Be optimistic, trust in God, never be diheartened by the troubles and problems surrounding you.
To the future AJKs, ALWAYS BE UNITED!!! All of you need each other, from the Head Prefect right down to the lowest trainee. Never argue among yourselves, stay untied and follow the path that has been laid down by us and the AJKs of old. You must be as brothers and sisters, as comrades in battle. You MUST. there is no other way to success, I assure you that. Be respecful to authority, but remember to always state your own opinions, especially when they are wrong. Always think about your fellow prefects and their welfare. This will be the most ardous journey that you will yet to undertake, and you must be strong and as one. Begin and end well. I trust you all will do your best, and my trust is not something you should take lightly.
Finally, I'd like to thank each and every prefect for helping in some small way in making my job easier. Whether it was paying up on time or following my orders, it was a blessing and an encouragement.
To the Previous AJKs, (Yunying and Then they all), I thank you for your little words of advice, your powerful example, and most importantly, your faith in me. I was an unlikely ajk, I know, but still you supported me all the way. You may not feel that you have done so, but the little things that you have done unconsciouly I will never forget.
To my fellow comrades: Hua Chiam, Jon, Ara, Shaki, Chin Chin, Jamie and Navin- what can I say?? Thank you all so so much. We're really worked wonders together-our camp, the gala, etc etc. I have learnt so much from all of you, and I love you all. I hope that I have given to all of you as much as you gave me. And I apologized for my moments of ignorance, incompetence, procrastination, forgetfulness, carelessness, lack of discretion and all the other mistakes i have made. To Ara and Chin Chin especially, thank you for the times you held me up when I was in doubt, when I lacked faith in the board and in myself. It is through you two especially that God showed me that there is still light and hope even in my darkess hours, and I am forever grateful. I cherish you, and I hope that I have been as good a friend as you were to me, for I have no other way to repay you. May our friendship be forever, and may God light your path and give you faith.
And truly, to God be all glory and power, honour and praise! For it is He who has changed me and guided me, who encourage me and gave me strength and wisdom, who gave me hope and salvation, and made me who I am today. Because of Him, I willingly let the curtain fall, as I take my final bow, with no regrets..

Well, well, that's that. I wanted to say some stuff about CF and even Chess Club, and Debate too, but it's too too long. I bet you all are asleep already. When I die, I will take a long long time to do so if I want to say my last words. Either that, or God must take me away suddenly, so I don't say them at all. Haha.

So I'll write another time. And back to Sejarah.......=(


  1. for what is worth... i actually thought that you could have been head prefect....

    it true that you may be serving the school... yes you should do it for the school. but i think you should do it more for yourself and for GOD...

  2. arnan you have lost your head prefect?????????????crazy ah? i'm too disorganized la..
    and yes i do know that i serve God as a's the motivating factor in excelling as one