Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hey just reviewed my latest post and realized that there are a few corrections and add-ons I forgot to make.....haha

Firstly, I think I gave the image that I had a terrible 2009. Rest assured that it was the opposite. It was the best year ever. I'm so blessed that God used me to go beyond my boundaries. I've drawn closer to many friends, I've learnt a lot along the way, and I've changed for the better (hopefully). It was just complicated as well....too complex to explain though. Haiz. Suffice it to say that I forgot quite often about abiding in God and thus faced the consequences for it as well as the miracles that followed when I finally turned back to Him. So really, I'm okay.

Secondly, I finally found the word I wanted to find to describe my reflection thingy. It's not that I only figured the whole thing out at the end of the year. I learnt all this as I went along 2009. It was just a moment of concluding, so that I won't forget (hopefully) what I've learnt and experienced. Do you kinda get the picture now? =/

Oh and now I know why I used that Aslan to Prince Caspian quote. It's because of the line that comes after it. "Be content with that". God has made me to be here at this place for His purpose. So to Him, because of His Son Jesus, I am made worthy. Make sense?

Ahh...nevermind. If you don't, just think of it as me ranting and mumbling some nonsense. I don't mind; just wanted to explain myself to you all.

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