Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stepping Westward

While my Fellow-traveller and I were walking by the side of Loch Ketterine, one fine evening after sun-set, in our road to a Hut where in the course of our Tour we had been hospitably entertained some weeks before, we met, in one of the loneliest parts of that solitary region, two well-dressed Women, one of whom said to us, by way of greeting, 'What you are stepping westward?'

"What, you are stepping westward?" -- "Yea."
'Twould be a wildish destiny
If we who thus together roam
In a strange land and far from home,
Were in this place the guests of Chance :
Yet who would stop, or fear to advance,
Though home or shelter he had none,
With such a sky to lead him on ?

The dewy ground was dark and cold ;
Behind, all gloomy to behold ;
And stepping westward seemed to be
A kind of heavenly destiny :
I liked the greeting ; 'twas a sound
Of something without place or bound ;
And seemed to give me spiritual right
To travel through that region bright.

The voice was soft, and she who spake
Was walking by her native lake :
The salutation had to me
The very sound of courtesy :
Its power was felt ; and while my eye
Was fixed upon the glowing Sky,
The echo of the voice enwrought
A human sweetness with the thought
Of travelling through the world that lay
Before me in my endless way.

-William Wordsworth

Read this while waiting for my turn for MUET speaking test. Yea, we had quite a bit of time on our hands. Managed to rummage around the school library and find some interesting reads. Now i just need to find a way to borrow them without having to pay 5 ringgit for the card. Yes, RM5. How does that promote reading i have no idea. SBM was RM 0.50, I kid you not. In fact, becuz it was so cheap, my brother and I bought multiple cards...anyway.

Speaking was....||=.=I fumbled during the 2 min presentation. Group discussion wasn't too bad, but i felt i should've talked more.

I have a feeling I would really like Wordsworth. He has such a fitting name in the first place. And I like the way he picked up a simple line and turned it into something profound.

Other (very old) news: Dianne Wynne Jones passed away. Sigh. I love her books, though I never read them all. I like that they were nice and short, the kind that i can finish in a day.

Did you know that she studied under C.S Lewis and Tolkien????? O.o So cool.

Oh, funny stuff during MUET. The night before, I had this weird dream: i was sitting for the test, and the question was something like this (if my memory serves me correctly):

Explain why the scrugifluous membranic hypothermia is the most essential component for the griminological something something .... state your reasons according to the graph below.

The graph has a bunch of squiggly lines criss-crossing one another. I couldn't see what it was, but i knew it was COMPLICATED.

I had a panic attack. Then i woke up and after a minute i realised i haven't sat for the test, and there's no graphs in the test, and there's no such thing as "scrugifluous membranic hypothermia" anyway.

Well. At least my real speaking test wasn't as bad as that.


  1. What??? Of COURSE there's such a thing as the scrugifluous membranic hypothermia !!! How can you NOT know that????!!!!

    Kidding. :P

    Don't have nightmares about that ! Poor thing. Just relax :D

  2. i dun think there's such a thing as griminology either. the study of being grim?? lol. Thanks, unfortunately my dreams are usually freaky.