Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Pill and Other Drugs....

A new movie is out - Limitless. Something abt this down-and-out dude who looks like a wreck who then decides to take this PILL and *poof!* Super smart, super efficient, super good looking fella replaces the loser. Yeah, you get the picture.

I haven't seen it yet, but it is an interesting story. Not a new one, but intriguing all the same. Who doesn't want a pill to boost our miserable mundane lives once in a while eh? Who doesn't a pill that solves (or so it'd seem) all problems? This isn't a new desire or craze. It's been here for awhile.

I read an article on students who took drugs - not to have a party "high" - but to study. Yep. Drugs provide you a boost and helps you stay energized all you can study all night through and actually feel pretty good the next day.

What would i do if i somehow came across this Pill? Everyone knows the Dark Side to it. tempting.

Of course i am NOT promoting drugs. Don't do drugs! But it's an appealing idea, especially now with all my work to cover that either ends up making me feel a) exhausted, or b) stupid.

Who doesn't want to have more brains? Or to be more accurate, the ability to use all of our brain capacity? Imagine the things we can do. That i can do. For one, no more homework piling up. No more trouble studying. No more problems in picking up new things. No more mental "blankness". Superbrain. Superhuman. Perfection.


Like i said, tempting.

Come to think of it, this in a way happened in the garden of Eden too, no? "Eat the fruit and your eyes will be open...become like God" (this is paraphrased). It's very easy for us who are sitting comfortably on our couches with the Bible on our laps to say "Noooooooooooo Eve!! Don't do it!" But if you think about it, you can see how tempting it is.

Fruit, Pill, whatever. They're all the same, aren't they? It all comes to the same end.

I'm up to my eyeballs with work, but I really don't feel enthusiastic about doing it. In fact, I feel like going far far away to sleep for a long long time. Somewhere around...FOREVER. ><

Life is pressurizing. Everyone wants me to be somebody, to do this, to change that, to improve this, to attend that, blablabla. Ironically, though we all admit that we are imperfect humans, some can't seem to see that i am human too. I'm not perfect. Striving to be, yes, but definitely not there yet.

The idea of the Pill is very very appealing to me. No more mistakes. No more goof-ups and wrong decisions. No more failures.

Man, who DOESN'T want that?

Nothing tastes better than genius.

However, in the end, I better stay away from this dangerous dream. And stick with coffee. Yes, gud ol' three-in-one is the safest bet.

They say it's a mild drug though. Dang.

MUET was........i dunno. Initially i thought it wasn't too bad. Now i think I didn't answer the essay question correctly.....let's not contemplate the reading and listening too eh?

I was supposed to get to my math as soon as i came back, but i think i was so overwhelmed with the amount of "england" that i watched a chinese movie (nt7)...then a Tamil (i kid you not) movie. Thank goodness the Tamil movie was already three quarters done, or i would have wasted more time.

Speaking....guess what? One of the examiner was actually my friend's MOM. =.= And i didn't know!!! And she knew!!! Horror upon horrors.................

I was actually LOOKING at her the whole time during the first part (presentation). She said i was good. I think she was just being nice.

I hope for the best, but i'm afraid i have to be realistic too. Sigh.

I wanna watch Limitless! and Source Code! and...The King's Speech! But i guess i won't be able to.

Just. TOO. Much. To. Do. Just. TOO. darn. lazy.

I shall try to tell u (soon, hopefully) the memorable moment of every f6 bio students life - skinning a rat.

Oops, no, that's what my fren did. I didn't do that. I just took out the entrails.


that didn't help, did it?

Rat dissection report next. IF POSSIBLE. =_=

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