Sunday, April 17, 2011

AI results highlight

Sorry. I had to put this up! AI results show yesterday. Contestants met some famous director (so famous i dunno his name=.=) Talked to them about the importance of music in movies.

This is paraphrased as i can't remember all he said. I hope i got his crazy lyrics right though.

Director: Music makes movies iconic. Some movies are remembered because of the music. Like Chariots of Fire. In fact, it would have been a greater hit if they used the words i wrote for the song...

Then he started la.

(i dare you to sing it out loud...just follow the soundtrack-u all should know the CoF soundtrack right? who doesn't???)

We're running on the seashore
We're running on the sand
We're running in circles
There's sand in our toes

And there goes the Jewish guy in front
and there goes the Christian guy behind
I wonder who's gonna win this time
It's gonna be close

I haven't laughed so hard for so long. I suppose some might find it offensive...and i don't mean it to be, but that was HILARIOUS!

Really, really glad i watched AI. It brightened me day.

So yeah. Work now.

This is my chorus! (made it up while chatting with a friend)

And there goes my math and chemistry
down to the drain along with me
i cannot believe I'm so crazy
well what can i say..

Yesh. I'm weird that way.

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