Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Erm........shud i scream???

So SPM's over.

Checking all my other friend's blogs, it's mostly lots of screamings and shouts of joy. And I too am happy too. But I dunno. I just don't really feel like screaming. After yelling a bit and high-fiving Clement, it was like, ok. Nothing left to do.

I'm really, really glad it's done with though. And I'm soooo thankful for God's grace throughout the long long exam...everything came out quite...ok. Surprisingly.

Now I have to speed-read 2 books for dNA!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh......haiz.
But I really will enjoy myself this time..can't wait.

So yeah you won't be seeing me for 10 days...sigh. But I'll be back.


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