Sunday, December 6, 2009

BK saved!

BK is officially SAVED!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA
Ok la sorry but it is really good news to all christian students out there. With the maximum number of spm subjects extended to 12, science stream students can take accounts, BK n Chinese too if they want to.

So I really REALLY encourage all christian students to take this subjects. Is it easy? Well, no subject is easy. But Bible Knowledge (in case you dunno wat BK is) is easier than most as it is basically reading and rereading the two books Acts and Luke. And answering questions.

I'd love it Bukit Mewah Christian students. especially those in f3 n f4 take up BK as an SPM subject. This is the one chance we have to stand up and say "Yes I am serious as a christian, that's why i take BK". This is one of the many ways we can make a statement throughout the country that there are students out there who believe in Jesus Christ our Saviour.

I think that's why i took BK i think, eventhough i was the only one in my school this year. I could really see the candidates surrounding me (taking Islam) noticing me. Even the examiners were taking an interest in it. It was as if I really was a witness to them abt Christ. I would hv felt better if I didn't do soooo badly. T.T I mixed up a lot of things. But I hope i did ok. I think i will. I pray I will.

So OI! All you CF ppl ah, Please consider BK. I'm willing to give you my textbooks too if you don't hv money to buy them. And i'm willing to help you whenever you need it. BK really opened my eyes to God's Word, and as I was forced to read and read and read it again and again, I can remember stories of God's grace and goodness, and in a way it encourages me throughout my life. I can assure you that BK is a subject that will prepare you for LIFE. So please, please take the subject and be a witness to the country.