Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A short note

Guess I will be making a lot of short notes from now on....like little red flags on the map to show you where I am. Let's make this interesting, shall we?

Commader: Progress report!

The Lady Knight (or the bumbling idiot, take your pick): Evenin' sah! Soldier currently forgin' off an attack from them Homework pests, sah! No sight of reinforcements, and 'fraid I'm commin' down with a stinkin' annoyin' flu, sah!

Commander: Anything else, young 'un?

TLK/BI: More bad news, sah! The soldiers are being somewha' confused, sah! Some of ' em don't really know what's happening concerning the mission Prefect Camp, meself included, sah! Also, scounts ahead have found that a charge of debate is cummin' 'round , sah, and it looks bad, sah!

Commander: Think you can handle it, young 'un?

TLK/BI: Will do me best, sah, always do. But the chances of survivn' this are as thin as a rake, sah. Lord SPM still has the upper hand, and the blasted examinations are attacking fro' the other end, sah. We're surrounded, sah.

Commander: No time to jaw then, young 'un. Get back to position, pray hard, and swing them sharp sword harder! We will not give in to them confounded vermin and evil beasts! Down an' at 'em!

TLK/BI: Yes, sah! They'll taste our cold steel, and we won't let 'em go home, no sah!


  1. This is an interesting piece.. Sounds fun...
    Really like it...

    I am considering aping it in my own blog

  2. don't you dare! *sticks out tongue*
    ...haha, who am i to stop you...