Friday, February 13, 2009

confundations and blasterations!

For the sake of some pestering people, i will leave a short note to say that i will not be leaving a short note...which in turn makes me realize that i have just left a short note even though i said i won't....

Yes, crap. I know. Fine. I'll update. But the next time someone asks me to update, I'm cancelling this blog. I mean it.

School is taking its toll on me.....I'm dying to read a good book in one sitting and visit the library everyday but I can't. I can't borrow books either, which promptly crushes my dream of wanting to read all the books in the library before SPM....last I checked, I had about, say, ten thousand over?? Well, it looks that way. So now, whenever I have the time, I run in just to have the air of books around me, that smell of stories that tug at my heart, begging to be read. Of course, it's painful to say no and walk out, but it would be a lot worse if I didn't go in at all. At least I know that I could grab one of them if I wanted, get what I mean? No, you don't. Sigh.

What else? Interschool CF is next week...I'm not as involved as I suspected.Chess competition is next week, and I'm more involved that I suspected. Prefect duties....I have to say that I feel like I'm not doing much....the boys are...feel so sorry for them but they don't seem to want my help so what can I do? Or maybe they do want my help, and I didn't notice. Well then ,sorry!

Teachers are getting on my nerves......2 of them especially. I know I'm not suppose to hate people, and frankly I don't exactly hate them. I just find them excruciatingly annoying and they just epitomize everything that boils me blood....though I can make allowance for one due to insanity, I suppose. Ok, ok, sorry, I shouldn't talk like that....not very good of me.

Well, since my father is yelling at me to get offline, I will hereby use it as a perfect excuse to end my update as I have nothing else to say.

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