Thursday, November 20, 2008


Can you believe this? Miley Cyrus, aka Hannah Montana has just charmed her way into my big bro, Arnan's heart.


Well, maybe that was an exaggeration. He's not having a crush on her or anything; he just likes her. Her songs, that is. Personally, I thought he wouldn't even give a tuppence about her. Funny how people change. He listens to her song Breakout about five times in one day!!

Personally, I like her very much. She's one of my favourite Disney characters. She's better than High School Musical. I like her, because she's as crazy as me, and a lot of people know how to pronounce my name correctly now, thanks to her. Sure, she's done something scandalous, but let's not forget that she's young and very immature. And didn't Venessa Hudgens from HSM did something scandalous too? I'm not justifying their actions, but I guess we shouldn't just look at her mistakes.

All the same, she has accomplished much if Arnan likes her. I'm serious!! His taste for music has changd quite a bit for him to like her songs, he always liked quiet, christian music.

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