Sunday, November 30, 2008


I just realized that it’s going to be December really soon. Time really does fly. One moment we were ushering in the beginning of year 2008, and now it’s almost the end.

I’ve been real busy helping out with the annual spring-cleaning of the house; though why we call it spring-cleaning is a mystery to me. There’s no spring here!! Anyway, that’s why I haven’t been bloging much. Actually, that’s a bit of an overstatement. I haven’t been blogging at all! I don’t know why, but I just don’t fell like blogging.

I once said that this blog is for myself. Well, I guess I’m wrong. I hate typing. I loathe doing tedious work. I can’t think of anything when I type. Nothing comes to me. I like writing on paper, not in front of a computer screen. Arnan gets inspired when his fingers are on the keyboard. For me, it’s a pen or pencil between my fingers and paper under my hand.

So this blog isn’t for my personal satisfaction. I guess the reason why I’m not blogging is because no one seems to read it. Everyone else’s blog I go to has followers, comments and tons of things in their cbox. I don’t have many comments, you don’t even need to scroll down my cbox and I got 0 followers. If anyone’s reading this blog, they don’t seem to care much. Maybe I’m a bad blogger.

Let’s face it- I’m discouraged!! *sob sob* (bring out the violins).

So please, please comment. I need some feedback. You can say that I’m a selfish,
self-centered, attention-seeking, obnoxious, narcissistic, emo-minded fistula of flab.
I don’t mind. I probably am. But I just want to know that you are reading my blog. I know there aren’t many cool things to do or see here, and my entries may be stupid and boring. Well then, just say so. Hannah, your entries are stupid and boring, and there’s nothing cool in your blog!

That’s the only way I’d know, you know. =p

So, a comment, please? But I prefer you writing in my cbox. Easier to see. Just say something. Can’t be too hard, right? Look….


See how easy it is?

P.S. Arnan, you owe me. I’ve been following your blog. I want a line from you. And to justify myself, I will be writing more. I even put nice colourful fonts already, see? =p


  1. I do follow your blog, however not the blogger way. You will not know that I even followed it because my method does not require me to enter your page.

    Getting people to read your blog is a matter of time. It always take time. But while waiting, take time to advertise yourself on friendster and facebook and other sites where you have existing accounts.

  2. good comment. thx though....

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