Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Yeah yeah I know I put this up on friendster a looong time ago. But hey, everyone is pressuring me to put a new post up and I don't have much time to write anything so...copy and paste. Enjoy! And any you rappers out there, hope you "dig" this.
But please folks, please refer to rule number 1 in my first post and stop pressuring me! I'm studying!

Chocolate cookies, vanilla ice-cream
A Cadbury bar, just for me
I don’t care about the waist line
Just give me a piece of pie
Sundaes, cocktails,
Bags of Twisties, it’s on sale!
Let the weighing machine scream
I need more chocolate cream
And everybody sing: Food, food, food, oooohhhh
Food, food, food, glorious food
You see, you live only once
And you can’t live it twice
Spend your one life on a diet
The day you die you wish you’d feasted
Cause your body shape ain’t more important
Than your one time enjoyment
When you finish your stick modeling
You’d wish you were eatin’
More than your salad greens
And pieces of lettuce
Should have tried the roti canai
Instead of those tissue (!?)
But don’t just listen to me
It won’t help the issue
Get out there and try a well done steak
It’ll prove itself to ya
And everybody sing: Food, food, food, oooohhhh
Food, food, food, glorious food

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  1. LOL!!!! You created that "food rap" yourself?....or with the help of your brother....=p anyway, it's FANTASTIC!!

  2. excuse me...my bro doesn't help in my writing..only in maths. but it isn't all that great, there's a lot of better raps around.thx for flattering me.