Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hello all!

This is it. Finally, for better or for worse, I have a blog. Behold, O World Wide Web, the ultimate craziness of ME!!
Anyway, I just like to mention a few things concerning my blog:
1. I will not be commited. Meaning, I will not be blogging frequently. You won't hear from me for a loooong time, simply because I am a plagmatic. But I 'll try to update as often as possible.

2. I will not be succumbed into writing about my boring, mundane daily activities, simply because they are boring and mundane. If I decided that I battled with a dragon instead of struggling with tons of homework, so be it.

3. I hope that none of you out there would do the despicible act, known as "copy n' paste". I can't stop you (why would you want to do that anyway??) but I hope you can stop yourself. If you can't, then you will forevermore remember that you have pushed me into the depths of despair and turned my life into a graveyard of buried hopes. May you sleep with an easy conscience (not).

That's all from the Dysfunctional Pilgrim now. Oh, and the reason I called this blog the dysfunctional pilgrim is because I am dysfunctional (abnormal or unhealthy intepersonal behaviour), and in many ways, I am a pilgrim who is trying her utmost best to produce ripples in this world before returning home.


  1. Hey Hannah!!! I thought you said u don't want to have a blog!! LOL... I was "browsing" your friendster and saw the link to your blog haha... Anyway, happy blogging ya!! =)


  2. Oh one more thing!... My mum read your blog and she said that your english is POWERFUL...both you and Arnan...lol

  3. hi hannah! welcome to the blogosphere =)

    it's somewhat ironic that in imploring your readers not to 'copy and paste', you 'copy and paste'-ed some choice phrases straight out of anne of green gables! heheh

    she's probably my favourite storybook heroine =)

  4. How dare you little and very tall meanie!! I'm going to burst into tears! BTW, I didn't know boys read Anne of Green Gables. But she's lovely and I love her too...sort of like a sister I will never have...:(

  5. heheh, we live in the ages of gender equality hannah... if women can become CEOs of companies and heads of state, i don't see why men can't read anne of green gables. =)

    what i really appreciate about the anne books is how wholesome and meaningful they are... alot of modern books are just trash which caters to the lowest common denominator in order to rake in more cash. sure, they engage my interest for a while... but when i've finished reading them, they either leave a bitter aftertaste or i'm left with nothing at all. the literary equivalent of junkfood or empty calories.

    whereas the anne books, and also the chronicles of narnia (another of my all-time faves) i can read again and again... and they're chock full of truth and wisdom. i'd even go so far as to say that these books helped to shape my theology when i was younger, and that they helped me to be a better person. =)