Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dance and me

Lately I've been looking at the dance scenes in step up....yes I know it's very late and all of you are probably screaming at me "LOSER" but I honestly don't care. I haven't watch the movie and I'm hoping some kind, wondeful soul out there will lend the vcd ,dvd, whatever to me.

But honestly, the dancing is way cool. The way they merged classical dancing with hip hop is phenomenal. You probably wondering why me, of all people, am talking about dance. Well, this is one little secret I had..until now.

I really, really love dancing.

*embarassed laughter*

Yeah, I always love dancing, ever since I was small. Love to groove, to move to beat, to let my body convey how I feel about the music. (that sounds odd!) I think that dance is the physical art of music. Did I say that right? It's like the score sheet to a song. Every note, every beat, every quaver, is conveyed through the body. Isn't it amazing? Thank God for dance.

I always wanted to learn how to dance. But my parents told when I was 4, that it was either dance lessons, or piano. I chose piano. Not that I regret it, after all, music is the heartbeat of dancing; but I just wish I had gone for dance lessons too. I doubt I can dance now. I can barely touch my toes (oops, another secret out)! But when I'm all alone in the house, and ther's a funky beat, I won't hesitate to get groovin'.

So now when I see Jamie and Chee Jong groovin', or the contestants in so you think you can dance, or anyone for that matter, I'll be like *sigh*, I wish I could do that. But I'll live.

Oh, I dunno how to put videos on my blog yet, (do I hear LOSER again?) but when I do, I'll show you them cool moves on step up. And unless someone lends me the movie, I'' be waiting for tv3 to show it in a few years or so.

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    I've seen you dance oni once...dunno when it is..forgotten...=p hehe...AND the conclusion is..........dah dang!actually........ you're really good at dancing...LOL!!!