Saturday, June 3, 2017

Don't Wanna Cry

Seventeen's made a comeback. I have enjoyed their mini albums so far. There's good funky music there. Also, whoever's playing the bass in their tracks should get a raise 'cause those basslines can make a pianist convert to electric bass forever.

I think what I appreciate from this group's music is their layering. There's a lot going in their tracks - chord progressions, melody lines, the vocal harmonies and ad-libs. The sound is always full.

Not in this track.

I find a lot of new music experimenting with the idea of space. Well, I call it space, but more accurately it's the use of silence. There's a lot of gaps in between the synth chords, a longer pause before the jump into the chorus, a drop with only light beats in the verse, before a stronger bass drum in the pre-chorus. Everything then hits a strong climax during the bridge, and that's when we can hear some of the quintessential SVT layering again. Melodies that have a back-and-forth pattern, the separate drums come together to form a fuller sound, but even then, it's not as drowning as their previous title tracks.

It's not entirely surprising that some might dislike this, as it's quite a leap from their previous albums. I find myself drawn to it, though. There's something about the space in the music that gives you a mixture of calm and anticipation. The choreography also has space in it too, there's a lot of footwork (their poor knees) but there's something minimalistic about it, which works.

Somehow, the whole track is very aesthetically pleasing. It's fascinating. The chords are standard, the progression isn't unpredictable (which is something they do quite often in their previous songs), but the use of space, I think, is what makes it replay-able.

I have a mid-term break. And after that I'm not too sure about my future.

I feel a sense of calm and anticipation about that, too.

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