Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I miss these guys~

Goosehouse is a group of singers/musicians from Japan. They have original songs but also perform covers. Usually their performances are done on via livestream, where they will talk in between their songs, which they upload in chucks after the livestream is over. Generally, all their performances are acoustic and done live. In fact, it's extremely difficult to find any studio versions of their songs online (except the ones that have recently become openings for anime shows).

They don't livestream that often, but it's pretty much a mini concert whenever they do. A good 5 or 6 songs would be performed in one go. I love how cute they are (even though the cutest looking one is like, 30 years old. Seriously, how????), and in some ways, it's fascinating to watch them grow and improve as vocalists and musicians. 

When I first started following them 4 years back, some of their vocals weren't as strong, and because they seem to be constantly picking up new instruments (especially Johnny), there were times where you can tell they're an amateur at it. When Johnny first started on his violin, it sounded a bit shaky and now and then there was a scratchy note. He sounds wonderful today. For a failed violinist like me, that's inspiring. 

They've moved to a bigger house, with better sound and video equipment, and sound consistently great. Most of them are slowly having their own solo or side projects with other singers, but they continue to work together. 

I used to have them on autoplay while doing my work, mainly because their songs and the way they perform remind me of my old Yamaha music school days. There's a nostalgic atmosphere to them. They are also one of my inspirations to try new instruments, and to keep having fun with music. Through their covers, I've discovered quite a substantial amount of other Japanese artists, some that I've become a fan of. 

Also, that melodicas are cool. I want one. 

Goosehouse also has a unique fashion style - somehow what they wear looks slightly strange but it suits them. I don't think I can pull it off, but it's aesthetically pleasing to look at. 

They're having a large tour around Japan this time, and recently they had their first overseas tour in Taiwan. I hope they expand to other countries, like here! 

All of this writing is just me procrastinating really. Looking back on this, I've written a horrible review for a wonderful group. =_= I sound so listless. I'm trying to learn not to edit though, so I don't want to change anything about this (I have already though....crap). Please listen to them instead; they make a better point about themselves than me. 

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