Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wow wow wow

My friend in uni stumbled unto my old DLCW tribute video, and she left this comment:
"Hey! I watched this video before I know you~!!!'s one of the best tribute for LCW and I'm honored to know the one who made this video..=D"
To put it more in context, my friend is from Kuching. And she watched it there. When she was in Kuching.

According to her, it went "viral" among her friends. They all loved it.

I was reduced to gaping at my computer screen like an ape.

omagah! no way! O.O

Then I wondered whether to laugh or cry.

The beautiful irony is that people all over have seen this vid, but I still don't know if DLCW has seen it. SIGH.

Still, it's an amazing feeling to know that others have seen this and were...slightly touched by it. In some small way, it made them happy. Or ...dare i say it...inspired. Haha. I honestly did not think anyone apart from my friends, family, and maybe people in the Seremban/KL area would have known about it.

If anyone is wondering what video I'm talking about, you can have a look here

A little erm.."director's commentary" on that vid:
I had more than one reason to start that "little" project. One was obviously to just show our appreciation. The other was to experiment, to have a small observation/study on social media and community building. I wanted to see what would happened if we gathered people through social media for a good cause. Would they care? Would they take the extra step and do something? Thanks to another recent event, I have more to share on that, but I lack the time.

But yea, just thought I mention my shock/amazement/feels! over that comment. It made my day. Would like to thank everyone who participated and supported the idea. It happened last year, but I'm still grateful.

Back to assignments now. gaaaaaaaah.

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  1. Well, glad that i made ur day though i never know just one little comment like that makes u happy...=D
    Keep it up..=P