Friday, April 5, 2013

Two roads.....

And two nights (and one day) of endless agonising efforts of squinting at a laptop.

Here we are: my little trailer/preview/introduction to my group work presentation.

It was just a slideshow at first....but our lecturer requested us to make the introduction more interesting...

Me a little overboard. maybe I'm 40% of a workaholic.

Naaaaaaaaaaaaah. I'm still lazy.

Here's my little diddy. better to view on youtube...on a larger screen (yes, that's my ego talking. blow it up full screen! kidding)

There's some minor glitches and timing problems. I'm not absolutely satisfied at it, but I'm happy. My group liked it, and so did others. So it's ok.

Despite the how tiresome it can be, I actually enjoy doing it. Not sure why. But there's something about this whole video editing thingamajig that fascinates me.

Midsem break is on. WORK WEEK though. WORK WORK WORK WORK.

Noooooo i'm not a workaholic. Not yet.

Have a good midsem break to everyone who is on one. =]

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