Thursday, February 11, 2010

Boredom + heat = ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

I’m bored.

I’m so bored that I actually want to go shopping, which is something I hate doing because I’m picky (I went to five different shops before I finally found my recent pair of shoes) and it’s annoying. In fact, the last time I went shopping was to get my prefect farewell dress. And it was my aunt who dragged me there, not my own girlie senses. But now I WANT to shop. And not for books (I don’t have that kind of money anyway). I mean girlie shop. Like going to Jusco just to buy three pairs of dangling earrings for RM 10 that would either a) get lost, b) get tangled in my hair and annoy me to death or c) get snatched away by some desperate half-crazed snatch thief.

I’m so bored that I actually walked to STM and back just to see how long it would take. Just so you know, it took 40 minutes there and back. So I still would take the shortest time to get to DNA even if I walked. Though I wouldn’t of course. Who wants to do that with a huge bag anyway? But it would be amusing….
“Hi, this is Yoke Ling. I’m just wondering how’re you’re going to get to DNA since you did not ask for help in transport?”
“I’m walking.”
“Are you sure???”
“Oh yea it’d just take 20 minutes.”

I’m so bored that I’ve begun to take three trips to do something that could be done in just one. For example, instead of pouring a cup of water, walking to the study room to switch on the modem then only heading to the hall to turn on the computer, I take the cup of water to the comp, then switch on the modem, then go back to switch on the comp, then back again to the modem to plug in the connecting wire.

I’m so bored that instead of just shoving the whole cookie into my mouth, I bite it off slowly and contemplate why some crumbs fall off and others don’t, and why certain chocolate chips can be bitten into two while others just come right out whole. Is it physics or chemistry? Or is it simply destiny? Does God determine which crumb falls off?

I’m so bored that right now I’m thinking of various creative ways to complete this sentence “I’m so bored that…” You know, like the top ten ways to complete that sentence ala Phases.

I. Am. So. Bored.

It’s one thing to be bored. It’s another thing entirely when life is boring and HOT. Like sweltering hot. Like “my kingdom for a ice cold glass of coke” hot. At least, if it’s cool and raining outside, I can curl up with a book and a nice hot cup of coffee. When it’s hot, I do not want to curl up anywhere or with anything. Reading makes my head ache, the hall is too hot to be using the computer, and it’s too hot to bake cookies. Even trying to write something out is awful. I keep starting with “the heat was so intense that…..” and completely blur out after that. It’s too darn hot to do anything.

I hate this time of the year. Sure, sure, CNY is coming and so are all the fancy food, but the heat always takes away some of the pleasantness of such pleasures. And it does not help that I have nothing to do apart from reading. And there are only so much of books you can take. How odd of me to say that.

If I were in school now, it wouldn’t be so unpleasant. I wouldn’t be bored, and there would be no time to think about the heat. I certainly wouldn’t be thinking about crumbs and chocolate chips. I’d just shove the accursed thing into my mouth. I dislike boredom and heat. Put the two together and you have just presented torture to me.

It doesn’t help that my MP3 decided to die. And it was not because of overuse!! I gave it the month long break it deserved. Two months long, actually, since I didn’t use during SPM. Now I can’t even distract myself with Michael Buble, or try out some heavy metal for the fun of it. And without it, I can’t think of any song to try out on the piano. I was trying out Buble for awhile. Now I can’t.

The inability to drive also limits my activities. If I could drive, I could take myself to Jusco to buy Starbucks coffee for the heck of it and stare at shoppers. Or I could drive to various boutiques in town that offer a 70% discount because of the lack of customers and put them out of their misery. Or I could go buy a new MP3. But I can’t. So I’m stuck at home, watching Pandaman (which is actually quite ok…but it could just be the boredom talking) and slowly getting addicted to facebook.

I’m not entirely vegetating though. I’m helping my mom a fair bit, going to PBS as well. I’m still looking around and contemplating on getting a job. I’m doing stuff. But I’m still bored. There’s nothing to plan, nothing to organize, no one to scold (kidding). There’s nothing to study!!! Ok, I was kidding about that too. I think. I just might pull out Bio for fun.

But I am bored. And lonely too maybe. There’s no one to go Jusco with or hang out because they’re all
a) At college (kiasu people!)
b) working
c) NS
d) In some other state visiting some other people. Or they live in other states.

The irony is that I never felt the urge to go Jusco or hang out or lepak or whatever last time. I’ve finally become a teenager…. five years late. ><

Sorry about the kiasu remark. You’re not, I know. I just feel stupid. Then again I don’t think stupid is the right word.

If this keeps up, I shall become as emo as the dude who wrote Ecclesiastes!

I am bored. Hence this self-indulgent post. Enjoy. And if something doesn’t come up, this self-indulgent crap shall continue.

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