Saturday, April 11, 2009

a very late update

Haha, I promised you guys by the end of that week, didn't I? So sorry...

Anyway, I wonder what I should update on, because prefect camp is like so over, and prefect gala hasn't started...Interschool CF is so over, and the camp hasn't started...sort of like in between things now.

I think I should say a few things about prefect camp. I think it's the best prefect camp EVER!!!!! Namely because we the AJKS organized it, but trust me, it was no joke...we had more stress before the camp than during the camp. I feel that it's the best prefect camp so far because every activity had its purpose. A very clear purpose, I mean. And I'm glad we made it clear to the prefects wgat the purpose was. I'm sure previous camps had their purposes as well, but because they didn't make it so clear, it kind of felt like a meaningless torture camp. Sorry to any of the ex-AJKS reading this, but that's how I felt. Ouch.

Anyway, the biggest bummer was me losing my voice, and also the fact that some prefects decided not to come last minute. That was very painful for me. All of us did so much planning and preparation, I nearly failed my exam, and this is what they do? Come on.

Anyways, I want to thank a whole lot of ppl. Erm, the list isn't in order or anything so don't feel slighted, ok?
Shaki, nearly killed himself with his pile of work,
Hua Chiam, never respected a leader more,
Ara, your consideration for others put me to shame,
ChinChin, hah! I'm speechless...
Kee Wen, for getting the place, and for the donation
Yu-chen, for tucking me in...
Chee Jong, never seen a more intense worker
Bernard, Carmen, Mugi, Yuven, Belinda, Carol, erm erm erm......walau, never knew there were so many to thank....THANK YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH...really appreciate it.

Ok, My writing skills are horrible, this is a very lame I'm stopping now. Thanks again to all who have worked hard for the guys ROCK!!

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