Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The twist of the knife

I still had post-gala euphoria (which totally ROCKED, tell u more nxt time), when I found it. It was math period, and I was, in a way, the teacher's assistant in handing up the math exercise papers...that was all we did nowadays, cause she finished the entire syllabus last year. So I was rushing to give back all the papers she had marked and hand up the papers to her so that I can go back and do my OWN work which had been neglected for goodness knows how long.

I opened the drawer, reached in to check if I had forgotten any papers and it just slipped into my hand. A perfect fit. Manila cards, neatly cut to fit the palm of my hand, in colours of yellow and pink.

Debate cards. Debate. KGV.


I let out a humongous sigh, the pain of it all came rushing back. I guess I haven't gotten over it. I thought I had. But the twisting pain was still there, breaking my heart. The recovery is taking longer than I thought. Why? I mean, we lost last year too, but I didn't feel this bad. In fact, I never felt this bad before.

I'm beginning to wonder whether I would ever heal.

Now I really want to go back to finish my homework. And studying has never looked so inviting.

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