Saturday, December 27, 2008

the little things he did............

Chester and Clarence Tai are leaving today for New Zealand.

For those who don't know, Chester and Clarence are my church members, and the reason why they are migrating is becuz the entire family is goin. I think it's summin about the mom having a job transfer.

Anyway, this is isn't about why and stuff. This is a little post to say thank you to Chester, for everything he has done.

Chester showed me that the little things you do will sometimes do a lot for someone. Well, the someone being me. I'm quite quiet in church, and not many ppl come and take much notice. That's mostly my fault because I can't make it for the youth group (drat them piano lessons), and I don't exactly open my mouth to get new friends. Heh.

Anyway, Chester was one of the guys who reached out to me. I mean, he didn't start talking and talking like crazy to me, frankly I probably wouldn't like that. But whenever he saw me, he said hi, and whenever I helped him in the OHP, he would thank me later. And somehow, those small gestures really touched me, and made me feel that I wasn't going about unnoticed.

Chester's also someone who was serious about his faith, and yet fun to be around with. In many ways, he set an example for me and became one of my role models.

Clarence. Well, I don't know him too well, because he is way younger than me; but I can see he's really dedicated and has a lot of potential.

I hope and pray that these two will continue to walk in the Lord, and be a blessing to others.

Chester, whether you see this or not, I'd just like to say thanks a lot, everything you did for me, every small gesture, meant a lot to me.

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  1. Yea....gonna miss clarence veeeeeery much!!! lol I dunno his brother...hehe =p