Thursday, February 28, 2013

I forgot I have a blog

Oh yes, its existence was deleted from my memory.

Barely two weeks into my new semester and I feel like I'm up to my elbows already.

However, Writing and Eng Lit classes are on and I'm enjoying them thus far.

My favorite right now though, is Spanish.

Si, I'm taking Espanol. My lecturer is awesome.

But it's a small comfort when you compare it to the amount of WORK that's ahead.

When I have short hair I do that.

Anyway, with the situation being as it is right now, I probably continue to not remember that I have this blog. Which is rather sad, because I was hoping to have more on it. I'll try my best.

"Try not. Do or do not."
"Shut up."

I randomly browsed the tunnels of tumblr and found the pic above. Sadly, I can't locate the source. A thousand apologies to the GIF-maker. If you ever find this inform me and I'll give you due credit.

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