Thursday, December 22, 2011

I'm alive!

There have been rumors circulating that i have been abducted by aliens. I'm here to inform you that those rumors are simply NOT TRUE.

I was NOT abducted. It was an exchange program! I went with three others to be exposed to the cultures of various alien species from several galaxies. Unfortunately out of the three I was the only one who returned unscathed....the others could not handle all the weirdness. I did managed to purchase a lightsaber as a souvenir though.

Also, if you believe the story above, then you are weirder than me.


Ok, back to the mundane things now.

STPM is over, I'm here, alive. Somewhat. It wasn't quick, certainly not easy, and sadly not painless. But it's over.

What's going on now?

A whole lot of concerned people are asking me what's next....which is sweet of them but it's also getting really tiresome. I think I should hang a signboard around my neck or something.

Right now, I am on holiday, and I don't really want to speculate the future. I'm not clueless about it, but neither do I want to just bounce off to it. I think I want some time off to think. But when I'm in a more talkative mood, I'll post something here.

But for those who are just DYING from curiosity, here is my general holiday plans:

1. Christmas dinner
2. Clean room
3. Read
4. Write
5. Back to the piano stool
6. Work
7. Check out universities
8. Exercise
9. Some tv

You see? It's very boring. What else do you think I'd do, go and fly with dragons or something? I might try shopping again, so that would be mildly entertaining. But I doubt it.

Happy holidays, and Blessed Christmas! Maybe if i have the time, I'd post something about it here. =)

In the meantime, be glad or be very afraid....for I am back. Muahahahaha.

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