Saturday, September 17, 2011

Coney the Redominator - part 1

(This is something Shaphan - a friend of mine- and i came up with. I thought i put it up here to see how you'd enjoy it. Hopefully, we'd be able to crack our brains and continue this.)

Oh...which are his, and which are mine? haha...figure that out yourself!

It was a cold night. Little rain droplets falling slowy giving a slight shower overhead like that of sprinklers in the garden. Besides the brawling of the stray cats in the backyard, nothing would have interupted the serenity and tranquility of the night.

Little Coney was lying cuddled up in the warmth of his Avatar comforter. Wide-eyed, he was aspiring to be many things. A writer. A prodigy pianist. Or something more. Something desired by most of the pathethic entities in the world. World domination.......

..................had already been accomplished by the great Bluepaw, a pure white hare with a blue right paw. The green and blue world known as Earth was theirs; there was no world that the rabbits and their cousins did not dominate. Little Coney sighed and snuggled back into his comforter. Perhaps he can be an Explorer instead of a Conquerer. Maybe there are other worlds out there...

Suddenly, a flash of white light shone into his eyes. Startled, he sprang up, his ears erect, his nose quivering. He saw a figure right outside his burrow. Our brave hero shook of his comforter and ran to face it. Wonder of wonders, it was Bluepaw the Dominator.

Coney lay himself so flat that the tips of his ears touched the ground. ‘G..greeting, my liege”

“No fear, my little Coney,” laughed Bluepaw. “I am not longer thy liege. I have passed to the happy carrot ground”

“You’re a ghost!?” gasped Coney, and trembled despite himself.

“That is for you decide. But I mean thee no harm. I have only a special task for thee.”

“Me?” squeaked Coney.

“Yes, thee! Cease thy pointless questionings. This floating-in-the-air act takes a great amount of strength. I do not have much time. Our world,” she said gravely, “is overrun. Our dominion here on earth is threatened.”

“But I thought we lived in peace and prosperity.”

“No longer. The humans no longer serve us. They have fallen to other creatures: cats and hamsters and parrots and dogs! They no longer pamper us. We are no longer their Pets. Pah! I am disgusted by them. Serving smelly dogs! A disgrace! You must stop this. We must become their Pets once again!”

“What shall I do?”

“Leave thy burrow and go forth into the world. Thou shalt face thy destiny.”

“But what is my destiny?”

“Re-dominate Earth!” So saying this, she vanished. And Little Coney’s destiny was destined: He was now Coney the Re-dominator.

The sun was high when Coney ……(to be continued)

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