Monday, July 25, 2011

First Impressions

It was the first day of school. A simple, plain-looking bespectacled girl peered into a classroom full of noisy students. Widening her eyes, she quickly whipped out of sight and leaned against the wall, wincing in trepidation, as if the sight of her peers were not quite to her liking. After a few moments, she nervously entered her new classroom and sat in a far corner, fiddling around with the straps on her bag to avoid looking at the other students in class. She was annoyed at the strangeness of everything, of having to be alone yet again, with no one to talk to. She was also apprehensive about having to make new friends all over again, just after one short year. Not to mention, having to somehow make friends with these people who probably had twice the amount of her IQ.

A few moments later, a hyperactive, bouncy (really, there’s no other word for it) boy in prefect uniform, er, bounced in. With a shock of thick black hair, and cheerful bright eyes, he had the look of someone who could be comfortable even in a hurricane. He surveyed the class eagerly, bellowed a greeting to some of his friends, and er, bounced (again) into an empty seat, directly in front of this girl, who was setting her eyes firmly on her book and deliberately avoiding all curious eyes, including (and especially) this purple blur staring down at her.

“Hello!” he grinned at her, positively delighted.

What kind of fellow addresses a stranger? She raised an eyebrow and stared at him, but made no reply.

“Are you new here?” he asked, flashing his set of gleaming white teeth, which complemented his sparkling eyes.

Her eyebrows were raised even higher; after a pause, she nodded silently.

“Cool!” was his reply, as if that was the best thing he ever heard, but he was beginning to raise his eyebrows too. Silence made him uncomfortable.

“Well erm, what are you reading? Is that a book?” Obviously it is, he thought to himself. What a question.

Obviously it is, she thought as she pressed her lips together. Was he making fun of her? What kind of question is that? Nevertheless, she consented to show him the title. He peered at it for a moment.

“That’s nice. What’s your name? I haven’t seen you before. What class were you from last year?”

She sighed. Here goes everything.

“I’m ____, from 1 Melur last year. Afternoon session.”

Go ahead, she thought dryly. Laugh. Think me an idiot, you brilliant have-Einstein’s-IQ- people.

“Oh!” he exclaimed. No wonder she’s so quiet. He hitched his grin back on his face to welcome her. “Well, hi! I’m ___. Looks like I’ll be sitting in front of you this year. You don’t mind, right?”

Surprised at the lack of any form of disapproval, she frowned heavily at him with suspicion. You’re so tall, isn’t it obvious you’ll be blocking my view? But she managed to shake her head. “It doesn’t matter.”

“Alright, cool! Er….well, have a great day!” he said as he stared at her oddly. Then he turned away to more friendly people. Stuck up, arrogant snob, he concluded.

She followed him with her eyes as he bounded away. She probably didn’t make a good impression. Ah well, she pressed her spectacles firmly against her nose and turned back to her book. What a talkative, insane boy.

Years later, they look back together and laugh, because they became best of friends.

This is to the talkative, insane, brilliant boy. I’m glad my first impression didn’t stop you.

Many happy returns, God bless =)

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