Monday, June 13, 2011

Undesired desire

Don’t leave me don’t go, I say
Even so, I push you away shove you out…hard.
No; out you go, never again, out and
don’t ever come back…ever.

But wait, stop, I clutch you
come back, come back…just awhile more.
Then you can leave, I’ll let you
No I’ll make you…right Now.

Please? I beg. Please?
Let’s have him, oh please once…again.
Let us let him linger a little longer
I want you oh the ache it hurts…so bad.

No. Never.


You can’t. No. Get out, leave
me alone, just leave now go away…I hate you.
Look at what you’ve done this is your fault, look
what you’ve done what you’re doing…to me!

and yet
come please stay…a little longer.
One last time, stay and wait
Forever and forever…with me.

No no no you don’t! Can’t!
You destroy me it’s killing me…Leave!
“How can I?” you finally laugh a reply
“You made me, I am forever…in your mind.”

note: Just an idea i'm playing around with. I am not schizo. Psycho..maybe. Corny title...unfortunate

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