Thursday, March 31, 2011

Battle of the bands

MUET…man, I don’t know why I’m so obsessed about it. I think it’s because everyone expects me to do well. I want to do well myself….because I think, I hope, with a crazy, insane ferventness, that I can.

*taps fingers nervously*

I really, really want this badly. Not that it’ll define who I am (I know it won’t), but still…this is one triumph I want to taste. I’ve been having so many downs lately, I want this boost. But will it happen?

PLEASE don’t tell me that it will be a breeze; that will just stress me to death!

Other updates? has been quite a ride of late. I'm not sure where to begin. Suffice it to say that i am at a place where i'm clawing, fighting and struggling to be what i am suppose to be. I'm focusing on getting back in order, my life has been quite a whirlwind lately.

Right now though, I'm feeling rather smug. I'm so happy to be a Mewahan that i don't care if that sounds lame!

I saw you guys marching i love the marching season. You are really awesome!
I heard some interesting stories at my f6 scul today...and i love my sbm prefects. * secret*
I saw Cik Zalilah's FB status....and i laughed out loud during assembly today. dun wanna know why. *smirks*

And i saw that ridiculous, waste-of-money humongous letters spelling out SMK BM glinting in the sun (everyone at sbm would know it) and i just felt....that's my school- ridiculous, impractical, insane, imperfect but just so....right.

After all, it's the insane who dream the impossible. And we have achieved a fair share of the impossible.

Oh wow. What did i just write? WEIRD la me.

Great, now all the Paulians are going to stone me.


  1. Hehe, missing school eh? I missed all the good times we had during form 5. :)

    I wouldn't say MUET is a breeze but you will do fine. If there's one thing you don't need to doubt, it's your English language.

    Good luck and all the best for the rest of the year!

  2. hey, just dropping by to say hi and good luck! i got feedback fr yingying on marching n yea, miss the school days.. have confidence, muet will judge ur standard but it is not THE way of defining ur english level (yea u know tat but what is glory?!)

    so all the best!

  3. Ahaha. I know how you feel. I kept telling EVERYONE (who'd listen) that I was still a Mewahan at heart, even if I was a Georgian for 1 and a half years (only!) :P

    Anyway, about MUET, I was so kiasu that I redid the exams so I could get band 6 >.< Guess I know what that feels like, to want to have slice of being the BEST :D

    Sad thing to say though, sometimes really depends on that particular year and the questions you get. I credit my second (better) results to one--my essay question on firearm training in NS. I personally had loadssss to say on that issue. If I hadn't gotten that question, I doubt I'd have done as well. So sometimes, really, though I hate this word, it's down to Luck. >.<

    What we can do is just our best. Wish you the best ! :D Seriously, I know you'll do fine :) Cheerio~