Thursday, May 27, 2010


so sorry i can't write abt the NZ trip. I'm sure most of you are wondering what happened and aren't too happy with my extremely "satisfactory" replies of ok, fine or great.

hopefully i can type something out this weekend but currently i've got a lot (i think...a hundred plus) of math questions overdue, and i got pengajian am work, and i want to rewrite my chem and PA notes cuz they're so awful. And i want to study and catch up with what i've missed during the trip because i feel very very stupid now.

I'm really really sorry.

F6 is ok, getting used to it, but still a struggle. Write more later.

Haih. Got to go. How's everyone else?

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  1. where r u doing form 6? sorry i think i m always less informed, haha.. i m doing South Australian Matric (SAM) in INTI for now since JPA just said "try again later" like the telephone service. haiz, my spm appeal results not out yet n i can assume it went down the drain duh no need of it now anyway nice to hear from u it's been long since i checked ur blogs love ur writing write more byebye!