Thursday, March 18, 2010


Random announcement 1:

Just had an on-the-phone conversation with a friend of mine..apparently he thought I was applying for law.

Law. Me. Plearrrrrrghh.

Since when did LAW and me ever work??

Oh and he thinks I complicate things. For example, when I assure him that he's not dumb, I'd go:

"You are nowhere near dumb. Your character is anything but dumb. You can never be linked or described with the word dumb or any of its synonyms."

Something along those lines la. But that's complicated meh? I'm just defending my statement. And trying to make conversation. It's better than saying "You're not dumb!" a bazillion times anyway. I wonder why smart people around me tell me that they're dumb. It makes me feel stupid ok! If you who are a genius think you're dumb, what does that make me? Super Dumb? Pish.

Random announcement 2:

I passed my driving. Hah. Who knew.
To all who prayed for me, thanks a lot. You have no idea how much I needed it (then again maybe you do).

So I officially have a licence to kill. Heh.

Random announcement 3:

American Idol isn't so fun anymore. There's no fantastic magic like David Arch and Cook or Kris or even Adam. I'm not watching it with as much devotion as before...which makes me feel guilty. Guilty, because I was once a fan, and guilty that I had so much devotion in the first place.

Ah, what the heck. I'd probably still watch.

Now, to those who still think I'm doing law or journalism or politics or marine biology or plastic surgery or sanitary engineering, i should tell you this:

Not happening la. I'm applying for courses with teaching in mind.

Next major event: NS!!

Yeah, I decided to go after all. Whoopee.

I've been deployed to Hutan Rekreasi Ayer Keroh, Melaka.

So I'll be disappearing soon. Do pray that I'll do alright.

Oh and I need to cut my hair. Should I chop it all off ala primary school?

Apparently, I look like a lawyer like that.

Oh, bla-ha-ha as Grover would say (Percy Jackson and the Olympians).


Oh and if you're wondering what's sanitary engineering, according to my genius friend who thinks he's dumb ( or at least that's what i deduced), it simply means that you're a rubbish collector. Cool, no?


  1. Dumbness and smartness are all relative. It depends on perspective. If you were to compare your friend with Albert Einstien, then he would most likely be considered very dumb indeed.

    A thousand apologies for stating the obvious. *sheepish grin*