Thursday, August 20, 2009


Ha, so the first week of trial is over! ~yay~
Right now, both armies are having a breather......not sure how they call that in battle language, reprieve? i guess so...
Anyway, the little grey cells in my brain are recuperating now.....I'm glad to say that i managed to do better, i think. At least in my Math and BM, i hope.

Sejarah was a major flop, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like I'm facing this when i go for Sejarah exam.....
Why can't i beat this stupid subject!!????

Boo hoo....
Can't say much about english..........I think it went ok. But I don't like my cheesy and melodramatic.

Now I have Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Add Maths and Bible Knowledge to worry about. And Moral!! Trials are SUCH a trial.........................

Trial trial trial
Drives me wild wild wild
Dunno wat to do do do
Wish it will end soon soon soon...

Please pray for my Bible Knowledge especially, Cause this would be the first time I sat for a Bk exam. I never had one ever!!!! so i have no idea wat to expect, or how much to write.I hope i can finish within the time limit. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

On the bright side, Prefect's Farewell is tomorrow and I'm a guest of honour!! Haha....feels weird not having to plan or perform anymore....

Then it's one week break for me to cram cram cram and the battle is on all over again!!



Praying for the rest of you who are taking your best!
With Christ we can do all things!!

oh! yeah! One more thing....

Someone's lost a blue pen, don't know who,
Now i have it and i dunno wat to do
I didn't mean to take it, it wasn't meant to be
So can the owner please come and see me?

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