Sunday, January 4, 2009

School!!!! Bye bye.........

This is just to say that I will not be blogging much unless the opportunity arises. This is because I have entered the land of School.....and this year, Lord SPM has absolute domination and the torment of Homework has increased, not to mention the usual petty enemies known as Tests and Examinations (aka pests and abhor-ations). So, me, the Student and fellow Warrior, has to gird up and put on me armour to do battle with these vicious fiends and monsters, until the reign of the evil SPM is destroyed................yes LAME I know!! But it feels that way.

Of course, I have the usual workload of prefects work, CF (which isn't really work cuz I love it soo much), debates (which is an increasing pressure), Piano (me got exam!!!!!), chess (which has increased, drat), renjer (which will increase, double drat) and maybe drama (argh!) Not to mention the usual avalanche of essay writing competitions which I will NOT join this year....have enuf on my plate for now. Oh, and could I forget??

Haha, pretty depressing, is it not? But never fear, because with God's help I will overcome!! (yes even in things this lame....) What I do know is, I have to straightened out my priorities....and most unfortunately, this blog ain't at the top. Ach, you won't miss me, right?? Y'all be busy too.

I won't be online much either, so friends at a distance esp dna'ers,  boo hoo (at least for me.....mebbe you are celebrating, hehe). I won't be writing a lot in this blog, either, as aforementioned above......mebbe only once in 2 months? I'll try my best to get some post on....but it won't be easy, so I have no promises...

Anyway, to my fellow comrades in school (esp to hose in f5), together we shall conquer!! To the rest of my readers, and frens at a distance, have a good time in school and live for the Lord Jesus Christ, and may you be a blessing....

Happy School Days! Cheerio!

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